Pròdrom (CA/ES): el futur que ja és aquí! / el futuro ya está aquí

[**Vidalista**]( is a PDE inhibitor with potential therapeutic use in endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases. Vidalista lessens prostate inflammation and may enhance urodynamics in people with neurogenic bladder, yet it is still unclear if it is an effective therapy for BPH. It is essential to remember that PDE5 inhibitors may cause a variety of unwanted consequences. [**Vidalista 20**]( has a longer half-life than sildenafil 20, in contrast. Additionally, it has been demonstrated to enhance functional ability and exercise capacity. In one trial, it reduced the likelihood of clinical deterioration in people using an angiotensin receptor blocker. Although [**Vidalista 60**]( does not seem to cause vision difficulties, it is advised that individuals stop taking it if they start having issues with their eyes.

Pròdrom (CA/ES): el futur que ja és aquí! / el futuro ya está aquí

    m. [LC] [MD] Signe precursor d’un mal, del part, etc. Els pròdroms de la guerra. Els pròdroms d’una malaltia.

    Sinònims: anunci, auguri, auspici, averany, indicació, prenunci, presagi, pronòstic, senyal, signe, símptoma, vaticini


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