mastodon should have a way to show only a person's original posts, filtering out all of their boosts
i'm looking through someone's mastodon profile right now and i'm on like page 5 and have only seen one (1) original post

How does mastodon know which language a user toots in?
I clicked the option in it to only see english and it mostly works! How? How do i tell mastodon i post in english?

Is the new official Mastodon client worth it?
I'm still using Tusky on Android because it's on F-Droid. As far as I can see, the new official client is not there. Is it worth installing it or not worth the effort since it's not on F-Droid and I can't one-click install it? What do you recommend?

Command line tool to move Mastodon accounts?
I was wondering whether there is a command line tool to move Mastodon accounts between instances. Actually, I want to test moving an account from a Mastodon instance to a Pleroma instance. [This should already work]( but it is not implemented in the Pleroma frontend yet.

cross-posted from: > I assume this is Small compared to twitter, but it's progress.

cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > I think they twitter will become a lot more lax on bans, potentially more strict on banning people who make fun of elon. I think trump will return to twitter. Overall, seems like a ginormous win for the libertarians/ancaps. > > > > I think we should capitalize on this moment and bring way more people to the fediverse.

cross-posted from: > Nice introduction by [Per Axbom]( who also just rejoined the Fediverse.

how do I make my feed better ?
its filled with useless stuff like someone saying "good morning", do you just scroll past toots like that or is there a way to make it better ? like Twitter has an option to sort the home feed by recommended tweets, is there anything like that for mastodon ?

I'm outta there
I've had a lot of fun over there and met a few really cool people. I hope they are all over here as well, because I just had it with the 500 character limitation. It's been a sometimes thing, and I got really good at using every last character I had -- at the expense of proper literate writing, spelling, and punctuation. FUCK THAT. I BUTTFUCK THE LANGUAGE AT MY PLEASURE, not because I have to distill it down to 500 characters or less. It doesn't squeal, unless I make it squeal. The point is, language and speech are means of self expression, and 500 characters bleeds all the color out of my art. SO SEE ME HERE!

why the username uses "@" at the begginning?
i am trying to follow someone. sometimes i notice i can type my full username with this syntax sometimes what is the REAL username needed to type when i follow someone? and why this strange behavior to add an initial @ ?

Recommendations for international (non-Eurocentric) Mastodon/Pleroma instance?
I am struggling with decision paralysis trying to choose an instance. I've never been on Mastodon before. I am tired of euro-centric and US-centric Internet spaces, but still enjoy the international aspect. Are there any instances with decent international presence?

Ethical and open replacement to Twitter

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