I’m in a dilemma, I think ownership of media is important, but the convenience of Spotify and the algorithm of new music that it suggests has helped me find amazing artists that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

Fellow sailors, what are your thoughts, and how do you personally listen to music?

  • @Headbangerd17@lemmy.world
    11 year ago

    I used my local library for most of my life. Grew up with crappy internet so that necessitated downloading everything to make sure I got no hiccups when it finally came time to listen. Since starting work I began using Spotify (as a way to take all my music with me, had no alternative at the time) and continue to alternate between both. Streaming is nice and all but dependent on internet and given my experience, it’s better to have a local library. It’s just more reliable. Spotify’s great for music discovery though and has made my local library grown significantly.