Posing this on a whim since I tend to be a lurker on Reddit, but I am really struggling to get into Lemmy. Part of it is that I’m used to lurking but now we all have to put a little more work into not lurking in order to start to get the content we want, but also I have yet to find the sort of shitposting content I guess I’m looking for. Maybe that’s for the best, not really sure. I’m sure I will get used to it if I commit, but I really need some more communities that’ll really capture me

Sorry for the rambly post, really just putting this out there in a communal spirit

  • Farksnatcher
    31 year ago

    Old Redditor here and I remember when Reddit was much smaller and for lack of st better term cooler. It was easier to comment, meaning add to the discussion, contributing to the community. As Reddit got bigger and bigger I lurked more. Top comments buried by stupid puns and comments trying for quick and easy laughs.

    Don’t sweat it. Lurk as much as you like. Comment and post if you want. It’s all okay.