Mastodon is the improvement over Twitter with open source decentralised hosting, with posts federating across the whole Fediverse of social networks …

Cheat-sheet for comparing AP software re: features and ideas ?

More and more software pops up, like and the hometown software of admin. Is there an overview somewhere that shows the initial ideas, features and future wish-list features of Fediverse AP software ? For example, Pleroma seemed to have been started by coders …

Seems interesting. A similar thing is also being worked on for XMPP based micro-blogging (Libervia/Movim)…


Interesting because of (planned) features, low server resource use and no build in web-app approach…


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Fediverse video ideas anyone could make. just some suggestions.

I suggested making a youtube channel dedicated to the fediverse. but there’s alot of diverse topics to cover. let me list some example stuff: …

Bad good idea: Fedi platform with only voice message

An idea just flew into my head. seems like it could be fun, wdyt?..

Found on Mastodon. Is this available in English as well ?..


Ideas to promote the fediverse/privacy/anything

BTW do we have any subs about fediverse/lemmy/privacy promotion? …

Mastodon instance selection helper

Quite a cool tool…


Anyone have ever hear about this open source social media? Pjuu! According what I’ve read is from England …


Writefreely is a cool AP enabled writing/blogging platform that allows federated subscriptions to individual blogs. …

Looks pretty cool. …

Symbian and the fediverse

Hello there! Being a user of Symbian in this 2021 can it be all good. But, getting use to it, I began to search the possibilities of enter to the fediverse through my Nokia 808. The results? …

Just learned some wonderful news: Owncast, an open-source self-hosted live video and web chat server, is coming to the Fediverse via a NLnet NGIZero grant 🎉 …

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