PeerTube Search API

Does anyone know of a PeerTube search engine that provides an API or returns JSON like YouTube does?..

PeerTube v4 roadmap and NLnet grant info

Pretty awesome news, and a lot of cool open-source projects seem to benefit from these EU grants lately :)…

Anyone know a good diaspora pod?

The diaspora* pod website is offline and I am looking for a good pod, any help? …

fediverse instance for video tutorials and podcasting

Hi! from a new lemmyng, very happy to find this place, thanks to everyone who contributes. …

Good, if somewhat idealistic, overview of ActivityPub capabilities across the fediverse…

A meta-proposal for Twitter's bluesky project

Over the course of the last month, members of the Berkman Klein community, representing academics, activists, lawyers and technologists, came together to discuss the Twitter BlueSky project. The discussions culminated in this “meta-proposal” for the BlueSky team and community, which presents sugge…

get this; Russia’s watchdog is planning on banning twitter in a month (now even closer) if they don’t do anything about their illegal content in their platform. and now their ISPs are throttling twitter’s traffic to make it unusable. …

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