Smart TV suddenly stopped looking up tracking domains. Is this bad?

We have a family Samsung smart TV that is configured to use my Pihole instance as its DNS. When it was first set up, it looked up a blocked Samsung domain every few seconds whenever it was on (this is with ACR tracking “disabled” in the settings). Now it doesn’t anymore, but I still get activity fro…

END.CIV #DeathCult VisionOntv

A classic film looking the #deathcult in the eye and prodding the #fahernistas that worship without thought…

New Mobile Billboard in London Today …

📧 Fast and secure temp mail inbox. Forget about spam and protect your privacy with Tempmailo. The disposable mail works like any other email service, but it is short-living – from a few minutes up to few days…

Researching Privacy Tools!

Hi all. New to this community, but I’m constantly researching new privacy tools to try out and review. Besides Tor, I2P, and Freenet, are there others that you might recommend? I have heard that Signal’s privacy is iffy lately. …

Motherboard verified the tool, which comes in the form of a bot on the social network and messaging platform Telegram, outputs accurate phone numbers of Facebook users that aren’t included in the dataset of 500 million users. …

A place to discuss privacy and freedom in the digital world.

Privacy has become a very important issue in modern society, with companies and governments constantly abusing their power, more and more people are waking up to the importance of digital privacy.

In this community everyone is welcome to post links and discuss topics related to privacy.

Some Rules

  • Posting a link to a website containing tracking isn’t great, if contents of the website are behind a paywall maybe copy them into the post
  • Don’t promote closed source software
  • Try to keep things on topic
  • If you have a question, please try searching for previous discussions, maybe it has already been answered
  • Reposts are fine, but should have at least a couple of weeks in between so that the post can reach a new audience
  • Be nice :)

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