List of XMPP servers that allow free registration

There are a few lists that show servers that allow free registration, here is another one: https://xmpp-servers.404.city/

Does it truly support voice and video calls? XMPP

I tried two up-to-date servers. Even tried with my friend. The option doesn’t allow me to. I’ve downloaded the dependencies for calling and the tick in gajim appeared, meaning I could do calls. …

Can be self-hosted or you can use the SaaS bot directly (type help)…

XMPP MUC to MUC bridge

This is an interesting new project. Currently the main focus is on making it possible to add an IRC bridge (via Biboumi) to existing XMPP group chats, but at least in theory this could also enable somewhat Matrix like federated rooms as the bridge is a two way puppeteering one…

dino 0.2.1-1 landed in Arch Linux Community repository

I guess that means being able to make voice calls with Dino without needing to use AUR or git \o/…

Using ConverseJS


How to Setup Your Own XMPP Server [Short video tutorial]

Edit: switched to an invidious redirection link. …

Loads of fixes and small improvements… especially useful as a Nextcloud plugin: https://github.com/nextcloud/jsxc.nextcloud/releases/tag/v4.3.0

Version 2.1 has landed in several “distros” : https://repology.org/project/dino-im/versions - Looking at the commits it looks like voice calls might be there in the stable release. Exciting! …

This utility allows you to download your data from any XMPP account, into a file. It also allows you to upload your data to a new account and inform your contacts. …


Movim port

Hi guys, I’m trying to use the Telegram transport of Movim in XMPP app of Symbian. I need the number of port to finish the start. Anyone know what is the port of mov.im?..



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XMPP Vs. Matrix users


Hi guys! Anyone can help me to find servers that have transports in it? Most precisely about Telegram? Is for old Nokia phones…


Prosody: Great Invitations

Really neat way to add account creation to a server that doesn’t have open registrations…

Why doesn't Prosody implement "XEP-0079: Advanced Message Processing"?

I was wondering if the XMPP standard defines support for temporary/disappearing messages, and apparently it does via XEP-0079. But Prosody, which is the server I run, doesn’t support it. Anyone know why this is, or if it’…

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a communication protocol for message-oriented middleware based on XML. Learn more about it here.

Also see JoinJabber.org FAQ

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