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huh you can restore deleted messages

Wait if your account gets hacked? Then your deleted comments can be restored…

Epicyon is a lightweight ActivityPub server that already supports groups and the main developer is currently looking into supporting Lemmy communities as well. …

Will people provide tools to decrease digital footprint for users on Lemmy instances ?

Some time ago there was dismay on Mastodon (and Pleroma ?) instances about data scraping. Before that happened there were privacy concerned people automatically deleting their own toots, limiting them for example to the latest toots for thirty days. With Lemmy things are different since Lemmy is a l…

What kind of communities would you like to see active on lemmy?

I need a feedback on what people are interested in. …

!lemmy_suggestions community

would it make sense to make such community? …

To Everyone (repost)

to everyone on lemmy, you are all amazing! I have seen so many friendly smart and amazing people on here and I hope the community stays nice and free of trolls and etc. …

Help - Lemmy installation what's wrong here?

Trying to test lemmy on my vps ubuntu 20.04. Followed the docs but cant get to configured correctly.

root@*******:/lemmy# docker-compose up -d…

Could Lemmy be able to subscribe to mastodon hashtags?

I’m assuming the pub-sub system doesn’t work like that 🤔…

How to format text

Is it simply markdown or is there an option to pick how do i want to format block of text on lemmy?..

Preinstalled Lemmy?

Is there any equivalent of or but for Lemmy? As in, a way to set up an instance for people who don’t have the tech skill?..

[SOLVED] Is there an easy way to see lemmy's user growth over time?

Like a graph of the number of users on the whole lemmyverse. …

Lemmy wikipedia page

Tonight I tried to create a Wikipedia page for Lemmy to try and raise awareness, but it was quickly rejected for the following reason:

This submission’s references do not show that the subject qualifies for a Wikipedia article—that is, they do not show significant coverage (not just passing mentio…

Dear devs, 404 errors (and an SSL error) for all old links, as it points to join-lemmy site. Thanks…


List local communities only

Hi, recently I’ve been diving in to the fediverse. I’m dreaming of having thriving local communities that federate with the rest of the world. …

Need help setting up lemmy in my vps.

I Need help for setting up Lemmy in my VPS. I installed and followed the docs. done with nginx reverse proxy too. But I still get 403 error while trying to load the site. Help please…

Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.

For discussion about the instance, go to !

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