Paying for services by getting tracked is very easy though. To setup a similar system for payment where you pay for services with actual bucks would most probably be horrible UX and a crapload of new recurring payments to handle.

Unless somebody centralized all this into some Spotify/Netflix -like centralized service.

I used to think this until i tried it. Now i just get an email from each service once per year asking for cash. Most things are either $12 or $24 per year. With bitcoin it only takes 10 seconds to transfer. And i get the satisfaction of supporting the guy who made the tool for me.

I think the real dislike for paying for things is mostly

  • the hassle of using credit cards or PayPal
  • the resentment at paying for crap services from corrupt faceless billionaire corporations
  • the stress of getting roped into more or bigger payments.

With ethical developers of cheap quality tools (which are very easy to find) it’s all easy and satisfying.

10 seconds? Bitcoin?

Yes, try it. There are big advantages to paying for services, over what I’ve said already.

As for payments, it’s usually: each year see email, copy the payment link into mycelium, click send, enter pin code.

Just try it. Pick one service (email is easy) and switch to a small privacy-focused company.

I am sorry, but no cryptocurrency I know outside Nano confirms transactions this fast.

The only one I know has fast enough transactions apart from Nano is Monero, which takes 5 minutes at least, no matter the fee you pay, and it is a really decent tradeoff for privacy.

That’s okay, nobody starts off knowing everything.

Not only crypto but all payment systems take agrees to confirm - visa takes days - but as a customer you observe it happening instantly. Try it!

I mean, that’s a given, people spent decades dealing with a free* (with free in cost) web, unknowingly being the product for all this time. Only a small share of users would be okay with having to deal with costs to use a service they once had for free.


if i had the choice i’d just pay for the app it its not worth getting tracked everywhere you go to get a free app with usually limited features without paying

I argue this is a horrific narrative that Apple is creating, that privacy=money. FOSS libre culture clearly proves this is not a mandated narrative by nature but artificially.

Do not fall for this.


I think that is rather the spin of this website or who ever made this survey.

Apple seems to be rather in the situation looking for distinguishing features of their (admittedly more expensive) phones and clamp down on ad-tracking is the one thing Android/Google will never be able to copy like they did with more or less everything else that made people want to buy Apple phones.

The funny yet bizarre truth is Apple will whitelist themselves, and thus by extension NSA, from getting data on you via OSCP checks or their own domains or data polling (even if it is 10x less than Google, it still is 1x, NOT 0x).

So you end up with Android where you can degoogle it fully and completely with tiny efforts, or you can have Apple with a façade of complete privacy via excellent marketing, even if it may be more than Google Android, as you can never verify it with Apple. All because the user was lazy to not be able to setup their own phone and consider 0 money and 1-2 hours of investment in privacy a waste of time.

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