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The first release announcement of the Remmel app!

Remmel is a mobile client to the Lemmy Federation! It supports Like/Dislike, Multi-Account & Multi-Instance, creating posts/communities, commenting and other fundamentals featues. And I’ve implemented changing icon to white/black theme ☺️.

Remmel also have support for Mac Catalyst, you can compile it here. Please compile Tag 1.1.6, not master branch



  • Update to v0.9.6 API
  • New Profile Edit screen
  • Ability to create post right from community


  • Update to v0.9.4 API
  • Live score count in FrontPage
  • Support for inline images in posts/comments


  • Added Russian localization


  • Added new App Info screen

WARNING! Remmel supports only API v2, since support for both version is hard

You can download it in AppStore

If you have some issues, please report it here

Please star the app and subscribe to !remmel@lemmy.ml

Congrats! Awesome job, excited to see more :)


Nice job, I don’t have an iphone but I saw your video you posted for his, looks slick.

Thank you for creating it, and congratulations on the release.

I’ve been using the beta version for a while now, and it’s working well.

I haven’t encountered any major issues / crashes.

Is it helpful to have suggestions / feature requests? I’m sure there are improvements you’re working on and don’t want to bother you with things that aren’t specifically bugs.

Have you used the Apollo app for Reddit? On that app I like the “compact” appearance as it fits a lot on the page. I think another thing I like is being able to drag a post to the left for upvote, or drag a bit further left for downvote.

Anyway, great work!


Thank you for creating it! Works fine and smooth.

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