Generally I open the notifications and if I’ve to reply I do it from there only. Then I open something else. Notification count doesn’t go away automatically and ‘mark all as read’ has to be clicked. It’d be nice if the notification count disappears after the user open them once.

i may be in the minority, but i like leaving them up and manually marking them complete. I use it as a little reminder that i want to respond to a comment

seconding liking manual. it’s way better than automatically marking as read, imo. because then you can come back to it later.

Not sure…

What I’m thinking is an additional “mark all as read button” for situations when you may have many replies. And also if a comment is replied to it should automatically be marked as read.

What I find is sometimes I have a notification. I open it and reply. Then I still have a notification icon, and have to go back and mark as read.

Edit: re-reading the OP. Is there already a mark all as read button? Never mind.

comment is replied to it should automatically be marked as read

this already happens on my end so maybe it’s a bug. you should check to see if there is a ticket open

Let me confirm right now.

Edit: Ok, yeah. After I replied to this comment I still had one unread. I’ll check the bug tracker, thanks.

I think I would like the bell at the top of every page to go away once I click it, but I see the value in not removing items from the actual notification list until an explicit action. However it would be nice if explicit actions like reply cleared items as well.

Personally I get my notifications by email so that bell is just an annoyance. I already have a list of notifications in my inbox.

Yay! Edit: or an option to set either or the other way of going about


I agree!

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