Looking for solutions to delete/opt out as much as i can from GAFAMs and other chinese closed-sources stuff … im a noob and i feel lost right now … would this be a good idea? https://gitlab.com/W1nst0n/universal-android-debloater/

Or should i think about Lineage OS or similar ?

Your phone is listed as unofficial build for /e/ OS. /e/ is based on Lineage OS and pretty much de-googled https://e.foundation

In this list you can find your phone: https://community.e.foundation/t/list-of-unofficial-e-builds-part-2/18956 An unofficial build is essentially a build from a member of the community I have no experience with this build, so check before you use it

I second this, /e/OS is a good alternative.


Just about any OS is better than xiaomi’s proprietary garbage LineageOS is great


yep thats my thinking too but i cant find the exact model on devices list and im afraid to take steps with a wrong install process… but may be bricking it once and for all is the solution so i can get my nokia 3310 back


do you know about good projects of Libre OS on phones that could run on this model ? or if lineage will ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redmi_Note_5

Lineage is avalaible for redmi note 5 pro so maybe it’s the same for the redmi note 5. I personally run /e/OS on my redmi note 4 (I don’t specially recommend it neither unrecommend it though)


would be so happy if someone can confirm that this will work with just installing redminote5pro version of lineageOS

The note 5 and the note 5 pro are technically different (different SOC/CPU). I would say that unless you have explicit and trusted confirmation that it works I would never try an image from a different phone, for any OS.


Lineage, definitively. Whyred has a very active developer community, and you can find a lot of support on XDA forum or on telegram @redminote5proofficial . You can flash the official lineage4microg too https://lineage.microg.org/ . Just take your time to learn how to unlock your bootloader and flash the rom, it’s not hard and you are going to have a massive privacy benefit


well i think the codename for me is vince not whyred , will take my time to do this properly if possible.


in fact its whyred , codename with xiaomi are so confusing


w1net0n collaborated with my long running smartphone guide, might want to use it


If there are unofficial LOS, LOS4uG, or /e/ builds, then I would look if there’s any saying on XDA forums for the 1st ones, and on the /e/ forums on the last one.

My phone xiaomi redmi 4x (santoni), more than a year back, was only supported by an unofficial build, but mentioned on XDA forums, and reported working there, and the dev providing those unofficial builds eventually got it into LOS as an official and supported one… It doesn’t mean all devs providing unofficial build are the same, but the forums can help gain some trust…


Yep, extremely popular phones like the xiaomi’s always have LOS builds.

I installed LOS on mine (codename whyred) it’s working fine.


i’ll try to make this work on mine then :)

My personal advice would be to sell it (because it’ll make someone else happy) and buy a better second-hand phone with the money, on which you’re sure you can setup a free system. Good luck anyway!


one gave it to me cause the screen is broken on top , but its working normally , so selling it will not be that easy. but thx ;) i agree best solution here is just to change the hardware.

Then it’s a tough situation. Either you can repair the screen yourself, but that may cost a little money/time, or you could just consider this entire device to be compromised and use it as a dumb phone, or use it as a computing platform completely disconnected from your personal identifiers (only run on mobile data, never wifi, and don’t use phone/calls).

I didn’t mean to sound condescending in my previous message, i’ve also been stuck in the past with shady/broken hardware and “buying new hardware” is not always possible because of $$$$, and in any case is not a good solution in terms of pollution. Wish you the best :)


thx :) yeah shitty situation , that’s happening so many times …im not planing to repair , because a broken screen is not harmless to me but the whole thing scares me because of xiaomi and android reputation … but a dumb phone is always good to have :) when $$ will come in i’ll think about buyin the right hardware to take care of my digital life , and before this 'ill get a shitty nonsmartphone and maybe see where i can get with LOS , some said this could work well if i take my time doin it right :)


You can use Nextdns to block Xiaomi apps from calling home and for adblocking.

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