Your data is not safe with Apple. Wherever they can, Apple tracks you and shares your data. Their privacy policy got you covered.Join my channel and become a…

and water is wet, nothing new here


Everyone to apple when apple says “Privacy thats iPhone”


Apple stores your icloud encryption keys, So they have access to everything from your icloud, i store minimal things in iCloud. Email, Calendar sync, and game saves. No photos, Backups, and i block the main “Phoning Home Server” Domains


I recommend to use nextcloud as an alternative for cloud storage

Any personal info I stored on the cloud has been encrypted by my GPG key, or at least AES256 with a strong password. I know it’s kind of paranoid, but I just have trust issues with these big companies.

I see THO made a new video.

Apple cloud so many unprivacy shi* about it

heh all that talk about word blacklist and this gets trough. Automatic censorship is truly a stupid idea.

Apple is the best you can get if you’re not tech savvy or just don’t have enough time to learn to flash a custom rom and/or tweak some ridiculous settings. Apple is not terrible, Google and Facebook is; however, that doesn’t mean that Apple is innocent of course.


This is not true and also defeatist. Apple is a terrible company when it comes to privacy in general. They are just slightly less terrible when it comes to sharing private data with advertisers then some other vendors. Furthermore their products are significantly less secure to exploits, due to the software monoculture and slow response to vulnerabilities found.

There are certainly options to buy more privacy respecting phones even for non-tech savvy people. Take for example the Fairphone. It’s Android is pretty much stripped of the worst stuff and overall (while not perfect) probably better than an Apple phone. They also supply updates for their old phones for many years and even encourage easy repairs. It is cheaper than an iPhone too and any non-tech savvy person can order it from their website.

But as long as we compare Apple to terrible companies like Samsung that pre-load their phones with spyware then we are not really giving the market any incentives to actually provide more privacy preserving options and Apple’s marketing BS goes more or less unchallenged :(

There are certainly options to buy more privacy respecting phones even for non-tech savvy people. Take for example the Fairphone. Its Android is pretty much stripped of the worst stuff and overall (while not perfect) probably better than an Apple phone

That is not really correct because it comes with all the normal spyware included. Fairphone is about being green not privacy conscious. You could flash some custom ROM on it but then we are again in the tech savy area. But it is true that you can buy Fairphone (among other phones) from /e/ foundation.


Well, yes. But it is still better than an iPhone (which was the point I was trying to make) and comes with quick security updates for several years.

how is it any better than iPhone if it comes with all Google spyware? Spying in Android is done with proprietary Google services apps which Fairphone has installed. IIRC Google forces manufacturers to offer either Google-laden devices or use something else. They have contractual obligation to not offer both options like Google stuff vs. LineageOS w/o Google stuff. That contract was also part of antimonopoly case against Google in EU but I’m nut sure how it turned out in the end


It is better than Apple, because Google’s system integration is less invasive and users actually have a chance to disable and remove some of the privacy invasive software. The alternative ROM and Ubuntu Touch support for the Fairphone line is also quite good.

The original comment this was a response to has been deleted, but it was basically saying that Apple is the only viable option for better privacy, which is simply not true and while Google’s ecosystem is certainly problematic as well, it is still better then the complete surveillance you get with Apple devices.

But as long as we compare Apple to terrible companies like Samsung that pre-load their phones with spyware…

Apple is not terrible, Google and Facebook is…

I think you just backed my point.

But let me tell you just one thing; currently, there is no single computer on this earth that can match iPad Pro, private or not. So the end user won’t care that much as much as you are concerned. If it is good enough, which Apple is, they’ll take it and it is not a bad thing


How is that backing your point if there are companies even more terrible then the really terrible Apple?

Also, you seem to have completely swallowed the Apple marketing BS. I have no idea what you base your “matching” criteria on, but pretty much any device from the last 5 years can “match” a iPad pro in my view.

Oh and talk to some actually serious IT security experts and they will laugh at you for thinking Apple products are safe, the opposite is pretty much the case.

Oh and talk to some actually serious…

Bruh, nearly no malware can survive a reboot on iOS atm. Not even jailbreak. You can ask them on Reddit. (r/jailbreak)

you seem to have completely swallowed

I dislike Apple as much as you do. Do not get me wrong. It is just better than Google, Facebook and Amazon.

even more terrible

Terrible is already a strong word. You don’t have to exaggarete the situation. Is Apple iOS better than Google Android for privacy? Yes? That is my point.


I am talking about exploits that are part of iOS and that don’t get fixed for months despite Apple knowing.

And no, it is not better than Google (about equally bad) and maybe slightly less bad than Facebook.

Google’s Android is at least open-source and there are some vendors that try to optimize it for better privacy. Also Google is quite serious about security, while the advertising & lifestyle company Apple is pretty much a joke in comparison.

But my very point was that painting Apple as the only viable solution because they are slightly less bad in some ways is defeatist and also untrue, because there are definitely companies that sell more privacy respecting and somewhat more secure Android phones (which are perfectly obtainable and useable by non tech savvy people).


advertising & lifestyle company Apple

Nice. Apple is kinda the crossfit of the tech world. People that use FB and google are at least aware that they’re terrible companies… apple users not so much.

Crossfit… you came up with one hell of an example, based iOS exploits are a dozen a dime, wsy cheaper than Android


And that article is from early 2019.

IMHO iOS security always has been pretty bad, but Android security was worse in the early days. However Google has been trying to clean up their mess since Android 7 or so.

Yes, Android security was taken seriously starting from 8 Oreo. However, the long going open source model of Android overtaking the closed source conservative iOS was only a matter of time. Now, iOS will either need to open up to compete, or stay inferior forever.

Google’s Android is at least open-source and there are some vendors that try to optimize it for better privacy.

That is misleading. There are no large vendors that offer such devices. Only option AFAIK is /e/ foundation with its 3rd party installs, but they are by no means an established player.


Try looking at it a bit less extremist. Sure there are no large vendors that go as far as /e/ does, but that is largely because most normal users do actually want to use the Playstore and some Google services. So while you are correct in some way, there are definitely vendors that load much less privacy problematic apps on their default system images.

Do you know that spying happens exactly trough Google services? You cannot have any expectation of privacy with Google services installed. Google has monopolized spying on Android by restricting APIs that can be used to spy on users (wifi/bt scans, filesystem, background processing).

Do you know how much data Apple spies on? That recent 20x report was twisted by the Apple fanboy/paid outlets to badmouth Android, when if you read the report, it was Apple that spied much more identifiers. Read the top stickied comment, I sourced it from another person who debunked the Apple fanboy twist

yeah I’ve seen this research, and again I’m in no way defending Apple’s user abuse. You say that Apple spies much more identifiers which is true as per paper but is true only while using device without touching Play services. It’s measuring spying activity only in idle/startup mode of operation. I kinda doubt Google doesn’t use WiFi MAC address of phone for social/location mining. Paper doesn’t mention anything about what kind of spying happens when you start using your phone as a typical user would: mail, web, maps, YT.

The thing is, you can degoogle/detelemetry any Android device with my known smartphone guide, without root, and any Android 9+ device fully. (Android 7/8 can be hard to do and should not be used as daily driver anyway now.)

Can you do that with Apple device? No.


Yes I am fully aware… but the context of comparing it to Apple is key here.

I saw that. I think its unreasonable to argue in favor of Google despite Apple being disastrous. The only privacy conscious option I see for smartphone usage is LineageOS without Gapps + FDroid or /e/ for less tech savvy people. Lots of tracking happens trough WiFi/BT mapping and that means you have to get rid of problematic pieces of SW stack at a pretty low level: Gapps and ditching iPhone completley.

My smartphone guide clearly proves this false, with the Apple section, and being able to work on any Android phone upwards of Android 9 Pie.


What are you talking about You can degoogle without root an Android, can you deapple an Apple device?

Hard task, but possible with jailbreak.

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