I haven’t validated all of these concerns, but there are some things that will keep me away from the app.

First is the reliance on Google for messages/notifications. This is the biggest roadblock for me. I understand that using Google Cloud Messaging or other Google service makes rolling out certain features much easier, but a project like Mastodon should not be relying on Google for anything beyond things like Google Play Store (assuming f-droid is also utilized, which it won’t until the app no longer relies on Google).

Second is the limited functionality (eg - missing local feed). I’m not familiar with the roadmap or vision for the app nor the version naming convention, but I feel some important/basic functionality is missing for a “1.0” release. I’ve seen some chatter about removing some timelines from Mastodon altogether which brings some other concerns unrelated to the new app.

Third is supporting the decentralization of Mastodon. I feel that decentralization extends beyond the number of available instances/instance maintainers and also includes the number of available and viable clients/client maintainers. I know there will be more users of other apps like Tusky for a while, but I would really like to avoid seeing the majority of Android Mastodon users using the official Mastodon app. With that said, I’m sure I’ll try out the official Mastodon app someday (once the other concerns are addressed), but I doubt it will ever be the only Mastodon app that I use.

Yeah no thanks I’ll stick with Tusky as well


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I haven’t tried it, but I still prefer to use third-party clients that aren’t tied to the service itself.


I’m with @rhymepurple , but I’d like to endorse fedilab, instead of tusky. Nevertheless, it’s kind of sad that the first official mastodon app have so many issues. I can understand the minimalistic experience (even if fedilab is at the opposite extremely complete) but there are some “ethical” point that should have been addressed before the 1.0 release

we already know its various (mis-)features from the iOS release so i’m not quite surprised about this

Ethical and open replacement to Twitter

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