Is LBRY privacy respecting

Title says it all. I just want to know if it is safe to use this youtube alternative for posting videos.

What are you looking to protect against?

Since you said posting video you’ll have to make an account, and if you want to participate in their rewards you’ll need to provide some information (phone number) or find another way to get their rewards (see here). has a clear breakdown of what information is gathered and where, Id recommend checking there as they even give tips on how to best use the service anyonymously:

To use LBRY privately, we recommend the LBRY Desktop application. By default, the LBRY Desktop app will not share account or analytics data with LBRY, Inc. or third-parties without specifically being enabled.

For a maximally private experience, you should also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your IP address. This will allow you to use features like retrieving content data, publishing, purchasing, tipping, and other transactions anonymously. Depending on VPN features and network configuration, hosting data currently may not be possible, but this is an area of active development.

If any of that doesn’t seem worthwhile I’d look into Peertube.

Edit: I will say there is an appeal to LBRY even with their coin setup, as they have made it somewhat easy for Youtubers to post (and move their content) over to LBRY. If you havent or don’t know I’d try out their new front end Odysee ( and see what content you like there as well as PeerTube if you’re looking to supplement/replace YouTube entirely for certain types of content.

I have tried several times to find the source code for odysee, but I’m not able to. Maybe it’s just me


They have the code still in and lbry-desktop repositories only as a branch not merged to master yet and not as its own project. See odysee branch in lbry-desktop repo for example. But the majority of the code should be the same as for This information comes from Reddit post answered by one of the devs.


if you are anti-cloudflare, it might be worth noting they use it in some capacity 125533 IN NS 125533 IN NS

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