Can we use tags on title and body fields?

A plan to implement a system similar to Reddit’s flairs is in the queue, but it’s currently not a priority.


What reddit flairs are?

This provides a better explanation than I can in a reply:

I would like to see some sort of tag or label feature for posts in communities.


There is an issue for post tags, but its low priority at the moment. But ya I agree it’d be a nice-to-have.


No, there is no possibility for tags. And as of my personal opinion I’m really glad about. I wouldn’t want to see a clone of Instagram, where everybody adds a bunch of tags at the bottom of their post, just because of the search. Or the misusage of a tag, like I’ve seen already on Mastodon.


I like tags, but, as you say, there are other applications what use them, like Mastodon. For example, there I use them to build “views” with info of topics I’m interested in.

Thank you for your answer! I think Lemmy it’s a very interesting tool, with o without tags. IMHO a killer feature is that it can federate with Mastodon, etc.

i don’t know where on mastodon you are, but it’s frustrating for me how no one uses tags and thus i can’t curate content. all i ever see is the main flow, which is 80% leftist politics, 20% porn (which sometimes uses tags, but i’m not the target consumer of said content).

why would it be impossible to use tags on lemmy? reddit (and to some extent, facebook groups) have pretty much killed all hobby based traditional forums. the problem with both reddit and fb groups is that they are not designed to work as an exchange of information, but as news aggregators, so when people use them as a forum, they turn into a daily repeat of the same questions being asked over and over and over again. or just a spam of photographies (people thinking it’s instagram). incorporating a tag system for curation and filtering would allow for much stronger flexibility of the platform, it would, quite literally, be a modernization of traditional forums for the sake of information exchange, research and discussions. instead of the same old “i rescued this betta today.” (which is impossible, it’s a fish, did you break into someone’s home to check if they have a poorly managed aquarium? but streamlined flow is all about upvotes for these people, and people will lie), or “is she pregnant?” with a photo of a …usually, but not always, female guppy. which the answer is quite literally always yes, because guppies mate 24/7, and if a female has ever been exposed to a male, she is with 99% certainty carrying his sperm, and will fertilze her eggs within 12 months, regardless if you move her to an isolated tank or not. which is the answer given, to every post, posted daily. over and over again. so yeah, because it’s a streamlined flow for eyeballs so the platforms can sell you ads, they have no incentive to change it, and users will never look up the answer to these questions, because there just isn’t any convenient way to do so.

so. tags. yes. they would revolutionize lemmy. imho, lemmy is already functionally superior to reddit due to the federated structure and all the positives it brings, in addition to the moderation potential. but a way to utilize lemmy as a traditional forum for information and discussions, through personally curated tags, while still being a streamlined flow? damn, yes please!

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