Lemmy is localized (l10n), but, can it be internationalized? I mean, people can choose a language and ONLY see the communities of this language (or, maybe, of a “neutral” language… This feature could be useful on countries where more than a language are used, like mine, but also for thematic sites where you want to use 2/3 important languages, and you don’t want they are mixed.


Very true, for it to feel like home, and be relevant to non-English speakers, a view filtered on one or more familiar languages would be essential.

I think you mean language filter. Internalization often means something else

Mastodon tries to implement a language filter too, but it didn’t go very well from what I heard – false negative and false positive happen both too often.

I wouldn’t be against this feature though. IMO there should be a message confirming if the language is recognized correctly to refine the language model, but that might be diverting developers’ effort from more helpful features.


No, I don’t mean the “Mastodon feature”. I mean, for example in my site collapse.cat, a community called “Peak Oil” to talk in English about the peak oil, and another community, called “Cenit del petroli”, to speak about the SAME TOPIC but in a Catalan community. Imagine you have an instance in Canada (English/French), in Barcelona (Catalan/Spanish) or just a website with international vocation (English/Chinese/Spanish/Arabic).

What am I talking about could be achieved just launching several instances, one for each language, but could be managed easily if Lemmy has i18n features.


We have a few issues about adding this: you’d choose your languages and only see posts that match.

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