Thank you! I had an argument with some streamer who said Apple are the best phones for privacy reasons, talking about the (IMO) sham case about feds not being able to access iPhone data and all I had at the moment was how corporations don’t care about you and there is no oversight so we are taking them at their word when they say they won’t spy on us. :thumbs up:

Well, when compared to Android, Iphones are for sure much more private! But that comes at the cost of freedom of choice. For example, on Iphone, you can’t have a non-safari based browser, so that means no Firefox, and no uBlock Origin.

You are misinformed by Western tabloid media and peer pressure. iPhones are not any more private, intact less private and unverifiable closed source blackboxes.

I posted a comment above highlighting almost all of Apple’s problems.

Dreeg Ocedam

iPhones are not any more private, intact less private and unverifiable closed source blackboxes.

I mean we’re comparing them to Google’s Android. I just said that they are more private. Being more private than a google product is really not that hard.

And Android phones give much less freedom to the user than they should be. The smartphone ecosystem is a disaster for the consumer.

iPhones only give an illusion of privacy with non existent freedom to install apps outside of App Store, for which you need Apple ID and then you have their OSCP tracking on apps installed on these iPhones.

You can easily disable all this on Android, Googled or not. My guide even shows how easy and effective it is to degoogle any Android phone, with very basic knowledge.

iPhones are not really private when they mandate App Store exclusive installations, no sideloading, almost no control from inside the phone. For them privacy is only a marketing tool and not a human right they respect.

Apple is marketed by American media purposely as this white coloured clean personalised tool. You do not even need to delve into conspiracy theories to see how marketing works with Apple and industry, when every accessory maker is somehow desperate to cater to a company’s devices with 10% marketshare. Apple is peak capitalism.


I’m using Firefox in my iPhone but not tried uBlock Origin yet.

The Firefox version on IOs is basically just Safari with a reskin so that the Firefox brand is available on IOs, the same is true for all browsers on the App store.

Apple doesn’t allow distribution of browsers with an engine other than Safari on Iphone.


Oh, now I understand what you mean

I’m curious, uBlock origin is available for Firefox on IOS?


no, it’s not available in iOS but there are other like AdGuard, AdBlock …

Yeah, all of them are less powerful than uBlock Origin. But it’s still better than nothing.

But can you uninstall safari ?


Yes, I can


Just removed Safari right now and Firefox keeps working …


My fault, I can’t remove it. It’s still there on apps library.

Apple cult armies are in denial of Apple devices being privacy nightmares due to being closed source blackboxes. These are good for no more than protecting your data from your nosy girlfriend or the neighbour computer whiz kid.

There is plenty of evidence that goes to prove why Apple devices are nightmares for privacy. This is a comprehensive list of links, images and articles for read:

Siri still recording conversations 9 months later despite Apple’s promise to not do it:

Apple Mail vulnerability, and Apple’s denial of acceptance of the flaw:

Apple sells certificates to third-party developers that allow them to track users:

Apple themselves were one of the main partners buying data from Facebook:

The San Ferdandino shooter thing was completely fraudulent:

Louis Rossmann dismantles Apple’s PR stunt “repair program”:


Bypassing firewalls/VPNs was totally intended for MacOS and not a bug or flaw:

CDNUUIDs sent with the OCSP server checks are sent in PLAINTEXT on the internet to Apple servers:

Apple apps apparently have ads served, needing to be blocked via LittleSnitch, since firewalls are automatically bypassed:

Apple has apparently claimed to fix this spying and plaintext lack of security over the next year (screenshot):

It doesn’t make the problem clear. Nothing bad happened to John and Emma.


this means companies will just use other means of tracking. 1 pixel tracking scripts :)

at least there’s a way to deal with that

but yeah, that’s gonna affect the regular user much more

Thanks apple

just do not use this plastic garbage with funny glittering pictures anymore and become free at least from data brokers :)

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