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Also, the corset in the community pic. Dead giveaway. No one who respects women and want to engage in informative discussions with them is using that as the icon, as their first choice, for their community.

Bees: everything in the center but also honey.

World’s going to be here till the death of the sun. Humanity though…

This isn’t even how you get compliance. You get compliance by treating patients like humans, not buggy computer programs.

China, Cuba, Vietnam, the DPRK, and the Lao People’s Republic are still socialist, and greatly inspired the founding of socialist and communist parties in the rest of the world, including the West. All of those came as a result of the Russian revolutions (plural, because the February revolution set the stage for the October revolution).

It’s a hydra. Many mouths, same stomach.

Goddamnit it’s fucking loss.

Are you using your staff position to enforce personal opinions/preferences, or are you taking the role of a moderator enforcing site rules?

The latter. I thought the rules were such that they should be banned. How I want the instance to be moderated (i.e. rule changes) is another question and something I’ll take up with the other admins.

Just for transparency, I was the one who banned them. In my personal opinion, I still think the ban was appropriate, but because someone who outranks me reversed it and has told me their rationale, I’m conceding the issue.

Isn’t that literally how capitalists justify the company owner getting 100x the pay of you? That they “assume the risk of the business”? Seems that they’re trying to offload that onto us while not offloading the money they get for it.

This is just my opinion:

Inssently promoting an instance that is very explicitly against our rules, is also against our rules. It would be way less of an issue and way more a grey area (IMO) if they weren’t constantly plugging Wolfballs as the main admin and was just posting like most other users, but it’s clear that the only purpose of their Lemmy.ml account is to do that (which could also qualify as blogspam BTW but we’ve let that slide a lot for promoting other instances). If an account is constantly promoting an instance as the head admin of that instance, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to take mod actions based on their activity on that instance, because what they’re saying on their account here is essentially that they think their content over there is good, that they endorse it, and want people to keep posting stiff in that vein.

To be clear, it’s okay for an admin on another instance to have an account here, it’s also okay to promote your instance here as long as you don’t cross over into spam territory. But if you do the latter, I don’t think it’s an overstep for us to go over to your instance and check the content you post there, and see if the instance being promoted (indirectly by us as well, since we’re the admins) is consistent with our own rules. This would apply for other platforms, yes. We’re not going to hunt down your YouTube channel and inspect it, but if you promote your YouTube channel and one can immediately find racist/bigoted content there, that is indeed grounds for removal of the post, inssently promoting that channel will get you banned.

There is already precedent for this, mostly related to pornography. Where if you post a site and easily accessible from your link are pornography, especially if what you posted is the homepage, that entire post is considered NSFW and will get removed. Two examples from way back are posts to a fanfiction site and an anime site (not posts to a specific page btw, but advertising the sites in general), and immediately accessible on the sites were tags and links to pages relating to pornography and critically, sexualization of minors. Both were removed as soon as we found out. We didn’t particularly care if the poster agreed with those things or not. They were there, and they’re against our rules.

@coldhotman@nrsk.no, @Salamander@mander.xyz, @sxan@midwest.social

I actually haven’t see many “bump” comments yet. Hopefully it doesn’t become a thing here, because otherwise bumping threads because someone made a new (real) comment is pretty useful IMO. I believe the current sorter stops bumping threads with new comments after a while to keep the same thread from being on the front page for months (if a thread needs to be, it should probably get pinned and not rely on new activity).

A somewhat related behaviour is voting based on the score, e.g. downvoting a deeply negative comment. I fell for this too and I am so glad that you can disable the displaying of the score so that the only thing that matters is content.

A particularly egregious example on Reddit is /r/catsstandingup. Like, it’s already a joke subreddits where you’re only allowed to say one thing, but then you see some people with HUNDREDS of downvotes for saying the only thing they’re supposed to say while everyone else gets upvoted. Not that I care (I’ve never even commented in that sub), but it’s still really stupid, especially on what’s supposed to be a wholesome, non-serious community.

Seriously, if you do this, you’re not an artist. You’re a grifter and an asshole.

Imagine if the ancient Greeks just decided to patent marble carving. Or the ancient Chinese patented brush calligraphy or ceramics. Or the Japanese patented origami. If your first thought is to patent a process for art, you don’t understand the point of art.

Actually what am I talking about? The entire modern copyright system goes against the spirit of art. The CC licenses are where it’s at.

Artist exclusivity bullshit aside, this is a great breakthrough for solar heaters, light reflectivity control, anything that needs black body characteristics in general! Hell, maybe even as a backing for OLED screens for those perfect black levels!

There was also a world’s pinkest pink thst has this exact same policy. Apparently Anish posted a pic of him with a bottle of that. Because he was so offended that someone else tried his own bullshit against him that he bought some and made a passive aggressive Instagram about it. What an ass.


Profile downvoting. When someone goes through your entire profile and downvotes everything because they have spite for you. I’ve had it happen to me and many other prominent users have experienced it too, and you can tell because you suddenly get -1 on all your posts, even ones that couldn’t possibly be inflammatory or posts on small communities that have very little activity, and they come close enough together that it can’t reasonably be from separate people. Also related: down voting everything in an entire community.

I know internet points mean nothing, and honestly I don’t really care, but it’s just annoying. Like, what did you gain from doing that when the block button exists?

I think the main issue baring that is simply Lemmy’s size. We don’t have enough users for that yet.

Alao, I think awards and reddit coins (and now reddit NFTs, yeah…) are the “this forum going to shit” express. It’s like they want to turn their platform more and more infantile and full of people trying to game the awards system instead of actually participating in good faith.

By troubleshooting did you mean stuff like programming or hobby communities where people post their issue and people try to help them? Maybe it’s just the communities I use, but I found that those are the last tolerable places on Reddit specifically because the rules on professionalism and high effort posts are quite strict, so a “this” chain will most likely get removed.

Honestly, those communities are the last ones keeping me on Reddit. Once Lemmy gets big enough that I can post help threads and actually get answers, I’m gone from Reddit for good.

It's bullshit that they're getting away with this. A settle out of court is as good as nothing as far as legal punishments are concerned.

Source: https://autonomous.zone/@dantescanline/108735842421362460

Reminder: Engaging in political debates is encouraged, insulting and attacking other users is not.
Insulting or attacking other users, even so much saying "fuck you", "fuck [this group of people]", "you're an idiot" or anything like that while debating IS against the rules of Lemmy.ml. This goes for every political view, you DO NOT get free passes no matter if you're leftist, rightist, communist, anarchist, liberal, etc. If you're confident of your position you should be able to debate in a civil manner without cursing someone else out. I understand that debates can get heated and frustrating, hell I've debated with a good bunch of users, but you can still express that without resorting to name calling or insults. Check the modlog, we HAVE removed replies of this nature from every political view, and even if we don't say it every time, we DO keep track of both removals per user and general behaviour even if it doesn't get removed, and too many infractions WILL result in a ban. That said, it is NOT against the rules to present countering facts or opinions, or to have political opinions in general. Don't report comments for "being pro communist" or "being pro China" unless they have broken an actual rule, namely the ones about being civil. Don't attack or insult people from Lemmygrad just because they're from Lemmygrad or they're arguing for Marxism-Leninism or supporting a country you don't. If they're presenting their points in a civil manner (which had been the case for almost everyone from Lemmygrad), you can either read it and respond in kind with your questions or counterpoints, or just move on. People coming over from other instances is not brigading if they're mostly being civil, that's the whole point of federation. Things people disagree with getting down voted is also acceptable, it's not considered an attack on you if your comment has a negative score, and it doesn't even significantly affect the ranking because of the relatively low comment volumes currently on Lemmy. It's just imaginary internet points, relax.