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They assume that a woman won’t buy something from Xbox. For example. Do they mean a woman never plays Xbox?

But but but… how could they be free without so many weapons???

But we’re at the same point then. They cover the basic stuff and the rest is on you. So people with less resources will have to pick between get the other things covered (out of their pocket) or spend that money in healthier lifestyle (and hope to not need the additional insurance).

Your problem is that you want to have less coverage and pay less taxes? Fine, but what would happen if you need healthcare that is not covered by your basic insurance then?

US Americans pay hundreds per month on their health insurance. And it doesn’t mean they have “free” healthcare after they pay those hundreds. In fact, they usually have to pay thousands in case of need (the difference is that with insurance they pay few thousands instead of hundreds of thousands). The reason our system is cheaper is because it doesn’t operate for profit.

If we had a system in which people doesn’t have a mandatory, they would need to pick too: between health insurance (that would be more expensive than the mandatory) or healthier lifestyle. And many would still pick the insurance because the alternative is what we see in the US. People would simply end up paying more than they pay now for the mandatory plan.

Thanks to that significant amount, if you happen to be diabetic, you don’t have to pay hundreds for a single insulin dose. Just to talk about a single thing. But there are many others. What do you consider “emergency needs”? A car accident? Good, but what about a long term illness? Like cancer. Or what about paid sick leave?

The problem is that you are assuming that you will never need the system. And that is a very risky stance.

Besides, considering US Americans pay hundreds in insurance anyway (and then they still have all the misery of their system), are you sure you’re paying too much for your public healthcare system?

The reality in the whole developed world is that of having a strong social welfare service while having a military spending that’s just the bare minimum needed. Priorities I guess.

How can Americans claim that their capital slavery is freedom is beyond me; but I find amusing that they look at Europe claiming they are living in a feudal society while not seeing how dependant they are on the capital.

I’m happy to live without the risk of going bankruptcy for going to the hospital. Can you say the same?

They are adverse to the truth, but not The Truth™.

I don’t follow twitter, what’s relevant about this?

It’s nice because when someone asks me for my password for anything I can sincerely say I don’t remember even the first character of it.

This is the main issue for me too. The problem is not the emoji itself, it’s the fact that someone was offended enough to get this thing done. We live in the society of the permanently offended, where everyone needs to be pleased or “something terrible” might happen.

The emoji is not an issue, the issue is that there was someone who felt the need to have this (or many other emojis) created to cater to someone else’s “needs”.

The thing that did it for me was when they posted a very controversial link about how the 5g is harmful while blocking comments to avoid any discussion. I’ve blocked them right after that.

Someone like that is obviously on a power trip and will do more harm than good to Lemmy.

I’ve reported it, block the idiot, and do not feed it

I think anyone can be a piece of shit, whatever they are. Man, woman, black, white, Asian, Caucasian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim…

Several times and in several ages. I’d love to see how was the day in ancient Greece or Rome or Mesopotamia or Egypt. But I reckon I’d want to live as one of the “privileged” classes (not necessarily a “noble”, but for example in the ancient Rome I’d like to live as a citizen).

Everytime I need to use reddit (usually because a search on a specific matter gave me a reddit post as best result) I just use libredd.it instead of reddit.com.

E.g. if you have www.reddit.com/yourpost use instead libredd.it/yourpost.

I’m, apparently, a person who should kill himself according to reddit standards. I was already tired of all the site’s bullshit and usacentrism but this was the tipping point.

The day we all came to know that Aimee Challenor had become an admin and was protected by banning whoever mentioned the name, I wrote a post in a small sub that I was part of saying that this monster didn’t deserve to be a reddit admin, let alone to have his pronouns respected (as many were asking because he was a male who transitioned to female). Apparently, a person like that deserves respect and I should be ashamed of saying otherwise (and kill myself while I’m on it).

It goes without saying, I told everyone to fuck off, used a script to edit all my post changing comments with nonsense posts (thrice), canceled my account and asked all my data to be deleted through GDPR. I found Lemmy shortly after and I can’t be happier with the change.

I left reddit almost one year ago. At first I thought it would be difficult. It wasn’t, I realized how much time was I wasting there and it was really eye opening. Now I read this kind of news about how reddit’s dumpster fire is becoming bigger and bigger and I can’t but laugh at it.