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the illuminati of modern pop culture really has nothing to do with the actual group. any hatred people bare towards them is because of urban legends and modern conspiracy theories.

i think that’s kim kardashian on the left

looks like there’s actually at least 26 of us!

i just woke up so idk how today will be, but yesterday was pretty good! i did a group presentation for a college class, and we nailed it. i think this was the first time a group project in school has gone well. then i hung out with some friends in the evening, for the first time in like 3-4 weeks, which was fun.

edit: also congrats on having a post blow up on your first day in lemmy lol

i feel like the people that do this know that and couldn’t give two shits

only European branches of Indo European. It’s a mix of Germanic, Slavic, and Romance. if that’s not eurocentric, in an objective way, i don’t know what is

the title says “a large number of cases” which isn’t necessarily every possible case.

linking the original story or paper would have been good so we could check these things

i was thinking the same thing

stable control is not necessary for a good, functioning society that best serves its inhabitants in the short and long term. it is, however, necessary for easy subjugation, authoritarianism, and, inevitably, fascism. there also don’t need to be any rules that people must follow, just agreed upon principles to use to resolve conflict.

when it goes towards a cause or group that is wrong. donating to a terrorist group is still charity.

is there a pic that i’m not seeing?

gross but wholesome

i hope the takeaway from that is that prisons are unjustifiable, and not that gulags, or other forms of supposed re-education, are justifiable.

i propose: lemmunity

community is too common of a word and sublemmy doesn’t sound right

it’s 7:37 right now. i guess i should go study

you never know when that ignorance will be ripped from you, and it’s possible to live a happy and fulfilling life without it (imo), so why not go for the truth instead?