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Making sure Lemmy never takes off any%

Tell people they need to install an extension to make Lemmy usable

While my monitor isn’t 4k, you can upscale everything (in my 2x upscale made things too small, but if I had a 4k monitor I certainly would have done that)

The memes posted today are too on point

The original people should never have had their land stolen.


  • Do reparations go to someone else, because they’re the distant offspring of someone wronged?
  • Are reparations a one-time thing?
  • In the case of Canada, some tribes wiped out other tribes. Who gets reparations there?
  • Should we offer reparations even if they don’t help?

In the case of Canada, I do strongly believe our reparations have overstayed their welcome and it’s time to stop. Not because we’ve equalized the wrongdoing, but because the reparations are not addressing those wronged.

For example - In Canada, we heavily subsidize lots of native American areas which were only relevant back when the fur trade was a thing, and would have naturally collapsed after the global economy moved on. The areas are not self sustainable, and quite frankly never were.

In my opinion, a better solution for long past injustices is mandatory curriculum on the subject. It still won’t help those harmed, but it can prevent us from making the same mistakes again.

This is actually… Really good. Will there be a lemmy.ml prod version hooked up to lemmybb?

Odysee is chaotic neutral. I’ve seen everything from alt-right to official DPRK propaganda content being uploaded there.

Flatpak packager here -

Flatpak is actually seamless if the upstream is aware of it. With the exception of things like IDEs (which should have full system access) and daemons, the only issues Flatpaks run into are packaged apps that use things like their own File explorer instead of Freedeskop defaults (since Flatpak can’t intercept custom file explorers and display their own prompt), etc.

So to summarize:

  • Flatpaks are actually quite good

It’s not about me - I can remove Snap no problem. I want to encourage better defaults though, and if Ubuntu won’t listen on their forums I’ll throw out the warning for other users here :)

Snap actually sucks. This isn't even a meme.
Upgraded Ubuntu to 22.04, where Firefox is Snap by default. Wasn't going to fight it, especially since Canonical has made 3 blog posts talking about how much faster they made Firefox on Snap. Since then, I've had subtle but annoying issues. * Can't Google things that have a colon after the first word- i.e. `error: file not found` doesn't work * I get *notifications* for pending updates * Other apps like Gnome's Software take a minute+ to load on my beefy computer This isn't even a meme. Snap is trash. I wanted to be neutral and not join the "hate train" but seriously. Snap is that bad.

Apparently “leave the bathroom without washing your hands”


The only way I see this work is how China does it, where they simply announce the state is taking over the goods.

Did a really stupid hike with a big group of friends. It was a few different groups, so some people didn’t know each other. We were 4+ hours out from civilization, had no cell reception, and were getting trashed by waves against a cliff face.

We had a few close calls, but by the end we had 4 people back to safety, 3 people stuck on a cliff freezing their butts off, and 6 people who didn’t come to the area. Two of the guys stuck on the cliff were dating (we’ll call them Shirley and Lyndon), the third guy only knew me out of the whole group (we’ll call him Alfred).

These 3 guys sat on that cliff for over an hour - The most athletic guy (we’ll call him James) swam to them from safety multiple times, but against the waves even James was puffed out. On the last swim out, Lyndon and Shirley realized if they didn’t get off the cliff now, James wouldn’t be able to come back to them another time. So they pushed Alfred off the cliff into the water (since Alfred was not moving otherwise), and the 4 of them swam to safety, all completely exhausted.

That night and for the rest of our camping trip, Alfred, Lyndon and Shirley stuck together like a unit. They changed the sleeping arrangement to share a tent, ate on the same end of the table, went to the washroom together, we even made fun of them for it. It was crazy.

So there’s definitely anecdotal experience that intensity forms bonds. That said, after the camping trip they didn’t stay in touch, so other factors do need to be at play for longevity too (living in the same region would probably help).

Really cool info.

If you go to China and get a Chinese citizenship, the Canadian gov’t won’t tell China that you have a Canadian citizenship. Also you can keep your Canadian citizenship while you live in China on a visa for a while. Besides, the best way to learn the language and culture is to yeet yourself over there :)

For two reasons -

  1. You only live once, so it’s not like it’ll be easier later
  2. It’s not actually that hard

A lot of people on this site are miserable and warship China - so like, they should just go? China is a cool place to live.

Lemmy.ml link blocked on LinkedIn for being "general malware"
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/337ac1fe-b256-4cd2-9fbf-be1a29754852.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/506fe9e4-b326-4460-a146-35e86cc28b1c.png)

What are some good charities to donate to on behalf of someone for Christmas?
My family is fairly well off, and nobody needs anything. We have a poor tradition of buying gifts nobody needs. I've spoken with some of my family and we're going to change this to make Christmas about giving to those in need. Unfortunately, everyone has slightly different interests and I'm having a hard time coming up with impactful charities for various family members. **Does anyone know of some (global or Canadian) charities in these categories?** * Environment * Animals * Human Rights/Poverty * Technology Some charities I've got so far: * [The Water Project](https://thewaterproject.org/) (Human Rights) * [Software Freedom Conservancy](https://sfconservancy.org/donate/) (Technology) * [Godot](https://godotengine.org/donate) (Technology) * [Doctors Without Borders](https://www.doctorswithoutborders.ca/donate) (Human Rights) Any suggestions appreciated (:. Share this post with your family if you want to start something like this too!

/c/KDE Logo Suggestions
I tried my hand at making some basic logos for this community: Version 1: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/TefBWyjfDH.png) Version 1.1: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/1UVVIW9jdc.jpg) Version 2: ![](https://i.imgur.com/sGx0nCs.png) --- Thoughts/suggestions? I didn't have too many ideas on what to try (the Lemmy mascot isn't the easiest to fit into things 😛), but if anyone has another idea I'll try it :)

Telemetry is disabled by default, but can be found in the System Settings => User Feedback. It's a great way to passively give back to the developers of KDE, and you have REALLY simple controls on how much telemetry you give! I'm personally the kind who always enables telemetry *when asked*, but KDE really goes above and beyond to not tell you about it, and have it off by default.

What does it take to be in the "Trending Communities" in the sidebar?
Is it recently active? Percentage growth? Can consistently active communities be in the "Trending" section for a long time? Thanks!