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I still see some people on midwest.social.

As soon as the one year on my domain is finished, I’m leaving GoDaddy.

Because on a laptop, where you are going to use the keyboard, it’s just easier to use a mouse. Raising your arms to touch the screen is less ergonomic than just reaching for a mouse or trackpad.

No. I use EXWM, and while it’s technically possible, it’s not very practical. You need to set transparency in the Emacs frame and then use a wallpaper setter. I much prefer the solid color of a regular Emacs buffer.

Edit: Tried it out. It’s not too bad.

Yes, if they are going without food or other essentials.

I usually just go with “could’ve”, which is how I say it IRL anyway.

  1. Money

  2. Landloards

  3. Private property

  4. After a couple months, all government.

I don’t know what work computer you use, but Dvorak is built in to Windows, and I’ve never had an administrator block me from changing keyboard layouts.

To me, it’s not about speed, but about comfort. My hands don’t move much with Dvorak, while QWERTY has me doing weird hand movements that are unnatural.

It’s really expensive. Especially when the soil conditions are less than favorable.

Lemmy uses markdown, so if you want to hyperlink, you’re going to have to use the correct syntax.

Here’s a simple cheat sheet to get you started.


Wallpapers on workspace thumbnails in GNOME 42?
When using GNOME, I really like using workspace thumbnails. But, I would like to add the desktop wallpaper instead of the gray background. I couldn't find anything in the settings, just perfection, or on any forums. How do you enable it?

Have you ever donated to open sourced software? If so, who did you donate too and why?
I personally donate to Solus, but I would like to see just how many people give their money to FOSS projects.

How can I force a terminal application to run in my preferred terminal emulator?
I run i3 and sometimes Openbox. I use the xfce4 terminal. However, when I use rofi to open up a terminal application like ranger, it always opens in Xterm, even though I don't have Xterm installed. I run OpenSUSE Leap btw.