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Isn’t spreading obvious misinfo when you should report someone?

How to get Linux on every computer by 2050:

Every time a young tech-savvy person gets frustrated doing free tech support, where they’d normally have to do a clean install of Windows they just swap it out with Mint/Ubuntu instead.

On top of what everyone else said, Evergrande is big news right now. That alone could get it pushed up by the algorithm, esp if the creator is paying for better slots. I’ve seen plenty of instances where youtube shows me stuff in the news mixed in with my actual desired content.

Honestly, I think Lemmy has too much of an “if we build it, they will come” attitude. Comms should represent the community and not the other way around. IMO, they could stand to cull off all the least active/orphaned comms (so many of them don’t have active mods anymore) and then remake them once there’s actually demand. This would help increase the density of discussion in existing comms and make it easier to figure out where you’re supposed to post.

Ah, I think the method you proposed is a little more intense than what I’ve seen recently. I think hexbear currently uses a comment or karma threshold to allow comm posts.

New users intending to stir up trouble flounder about in self-contained little threads under a post until mods show up. And only people who’ve been immersed in the community for more than 5min can post to the timeline. It seems like a good balance of new-user participation and making things a little easier to contain.

Thanks for the link!

I’d treat it like any other clearnet site. Lemmy doesn’t go out of its way to log your info (the admins certainly aren’t interested in that), but it still runs on an nginx server and is subject to whatever that entails.

I follow Eugen’s advice from mastodon: fedi apps are not inherently privacy-centric or encrypted, so it’s unwise to treat them as though they are. Since posts are public it’s very easy for outsiders to scrape data.

Question Regarding Spam

So I’ve seen spam posts make it close to the top of the federated TL recently. It got me to look into the modlog and it seems that the vast majority of removed posts are straight up advertising spam, usually multiple per day. …

Adding to this, the XMPP foundation operates more like W3C does in relation to ActivityPub. They just make instructions for a bunch to disparate pieces of software to be able to talk to eachother but don’t copyright or patent implementation. That’s up to developers.

They also have a list of server projects with various licenses that they endorse.

Something to note: every user and comm has an RSS feed. If you right-click or long press the little rss symbol on a page you can copy the link and add it to your reader.

I’ve honestly never been bothered by the filter and don’t see the point of removing it when the only people wringing their hands over it are toxic. There’s another site running lemmy that added mandatory pronouns (+neopronouns) and some people threw such a giant fit over it that you immediately knew who to avoid. It’s like a canary for user morality.

The reddit approach to content: Here comes the airpwane! Bwwwwwwrrrrrrr 🛬

I’m not sure you’ll find productive discussions about Lemmy outside of the fediverse. Understanding the paradigm sort of requires one to use it to really see how it works. And the idea of federating in and of itself connotes a certain style of politics.

Successful fedi sites are heavy on personal responsibility to your community and active discussion with people you regularly interact with. On web 2.0 sites you are incentivised to interact with content creators and power users. The average reddit/youtube/etc user barely ever interacts with people that they know nor feel any responsibility toward them. Imo, this is why the fedi has been particularly attractive to anarchists.

(ᅌᴗᅌ* ) I can agree with the chuds on one thing. We don’t need them here.

The short answer is, yes. The long answer is that Lemmy already uses activitypub, but is limited to other Lemmy instances until federation is more fleshed out.

Mastodon also has custom emojis. Though, Pleroma does have message reacts that only work within pleroma.

Wait, you mean that programming includes governance affected by the biases and culture of its developers? And that these differences aren’t readily apparent to people who personify the dominant ideology of the tech industry???

I have reached my final form of gay trans atheist commie.

One of us. One of us.

It seems like most activitypub apps have a goal of connecting with masto for visibility, but a lot don’t get that far because of development time.

IPFS works similarly to webtorrent. However IPFS is working on a system to incentivize seeding via filecoin.