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I’d argue he’s not. A fediverse is any network of federated instances that are able to communicate with each other. AP is a way of achieving that, but there are plenty other federation protocols.

I think that’s a good plan. User following is a great feature but not as prominent as those others you mentioned.

This is great! It comes just in the right time for me, since I’m gonna publish an open instance soon :D

They made their database pluggable afaik, so you could fairly easily write a thingy for postgres. In fact, I believe it’s planned for the future.

Yea, that would be a much better title.

The system is good and Cinnamon is great (I used Mint for a lot of years), but it is hardly the best for me.

The whole concept of “best distro” is misleading and frankly pointless. There’s no single best distro. Each distro presents a different flavour of Linux, and some people like some flavours better than others.

I used to think Mint was a really good distro for me, but I like tinkering a lot and the Arch family has proven much more enjoyable. I still think Ubuntu, Mint, Pop, Fedora, Solus, etc are good distros, just not as good as Arch (and derivatives), for the type of user I am. For example, I put Mint with Cinnamon on my parents’ laptop and they love it; they enjoy the simple app store flow (akin to their phones) and great desktop. Cool!

In my opinion, we should really stop making these sort of claims in articles, videos and the likes. They achieve nothing besides possibly dividing the community more.

Yeah this would be really nice, if feasible! It would certainly help quite a bit with the decentralization of Lemmy’s network and avoiding huge instances like you see in Mastodon, Matrix, and the likes

Yup yup, that would be great! I’ve used Kotlin quite a lot but never in Android, but there’s always a time to learn stuff. If someone were to kickstart it and maintain it I’d probably contribute :P

Lemmy's resource usage

Hey there! …

Yeah, mobile apps are definitely something that should be invested on. Lemmur uses Flutter and so it runs really badly on my devices (I haven’t had a single Flutter app run well) and the UI is a bit meh. I’d love to have a Slide-like application for Lemmy :)

Like everyone said, non-tech communities and other niche things. Also, “country communities” should be more prominent, like you can find on reddit. More activities in news and meta communities (like asklemmy) would be nice :P

Yeah that’s true. It will still be a very long while before that happens, if ever (in the not so distant future). There’s a lot of money on the line with manufacturers, shops and Mictosoft…

I was unaware of this, what? How can something like this pass with 78% of people being against? A very important step was taken with the GDPR, but now we are going to back away in an utter U-turn? I’m very disappointed and concerned about this… What can we do to somehow prevent the second phase (or even revert this)?

I just rock Dolphin and it is really good. Has lots of features and the UI is great imo. As for TUI stuff, I have lf and nnn, I haven’t picked a definite daily driver. I don’t use file explorer much anyways, so I don’t have an awful lot to say.

It would. If used properly, JS can have really improve UI/UX. Sure, you can make good JS-free pages, but JS can make it easier and arguably better (by being more dynamic, which appeals to a wider audience than static pages).

I agree. And the app uses flutter which isn’t good in lower end devices (such as my Redmi 4X), so it’s not ideal.

I’d say normie is usually used in a more derogatory sense. It is a diminutive of “normal” of joking nature, it is not a neutral term.

But yeah, I agree with the rest.

+1 for QtQuick/QML. Stuff like NeoChat is really inspiring (even though there’s a lot to be done still in mobile).

Yeah I hope the recent events stir the pot and possibly make things move. It’s true the culture of data protection is near to non-existant pretty much everywhere, but Portugal could do a lot better. We are advertising ourselves as a great platform for digital expansion and whatnot, so why not show a good and professional attitude towards it?

You mean an ActivityPub speaking IM platform?
As someone was pointing out in another thread the other day, the Fediverse isn’t strictly AP. There are other protocols for federation and thus belong to the Fediverse.

As for the actual question, I don’t know any AP platform that has a good IM. Matrix is federated, pretty good already and looking promising, you should definitely five it a try.