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It might not be on the same level of “easy and quick” as some of the other suggestions here but chili is really simple once you get the hang of it and you can kinda just dump random things from around your kitchen in and make a large amount of food relatively quickly and without a ton of effort.

also you can easily add more protein with some deli meat, not super budget but its definitely easy

I don’t think it’s worth replacing KDE on a desktop but if you have a laptop you use for simpler tasks Gnome is perfect for that.

yep federation is working amazingly well. I can browse and interact with this post even though it’s on another lemmy instance without even noticing.

I use it but only for a close friend group and occasionally asking questions in bigger servers. It’s way too much for a group chat but thats what makes it fun to use as well. I wish there was an appealing libre alternative that was worth switching to beyond the foss aspect but there really isn’t at the moment. Hopefully matrix works out because it’s looking pretty good so far.

okay you’re right about the root topic.

Mainly the idea is that gnome is nice because it has generally pretty solid defaults and doesn’t expect you to do anything drastic to get the most out of it (except dark mode which is coming in a few weeks in gnome 42). This helps productivity out of the box and makes it more approachable. KDE is also good, I’m running it right now and it’s defaults are also good, but it took me a long time to get anywhere near to getting the most out of it.

For some people that’s good, they want to be immersed into their desktop and know and control every part they use. Other people prefer a simple setup to use as a medium to get work done and put that effort into other things like their work or games or anything else. It’s really up to the type of user.

None of the points in the comment you’re replying to said less options = good because options = distracting. I said that less options can be less confusing, and that KDE has what can be considered an overwhelming amount of options by comparison.

the jar would probably be the most convenient since the packages are probably still the same java application just bundled in a repo

You also don’t need endless customization in a desktop for it to be good. Gnome is a decisive desktop with a decisive development vision. KDE is a lot more customizable but it can feel more disjointed sometimes and it’s app ecosystem is beyond what you need. KDE and it’s ecosystem is known for having an overwhelming amount of options and customization, but there is such a thing as too much. I run KDE on my main PC right now but I’m about to switch to Gnome 41 comes out with system-wide dark mode and the libadwaita redesign is released.

As for extensions, gnome extensions aren’t great because they aren’t officially supported but they aren’t awful either. I only really use the blur-my-shell extension to spice it up a bit. If you rely on extensions like dash-to-dock or other extensions to change the workflow you shouldn’t use a rolling release because you’ll generally want to wait for a little while after a release to update to make sure it wont break any extensions. In my opinion its probably wiser to get adjusted to gnome’s workflow instead of trying to fight it because once you do it’s really productive and smooth, way more polished than KDE feels for sure.

At the end of the day though that’s all up to personal choice. if you want more options go with KDE for sure, but if you want something that “just works” gnome is a great choice.

Yeah I’m really excited about phosh. Gnome has been building up to something like this for a long time, being able to run on everything from a phone to a desktop workstation. And it looks great.

Unfortunately you probably can’t. You have to port linux to each phone you want to use it on and because most android drivers are proprietary you’ll have to reverse engineer everything from audio to graphics. You could check around the XDA forums to see if anyone has at least gotten the bootloader unlocked though.

Yeah it’s all things that’ll become second nature pretty quick. Most of my gripes come from being spoiled by the AUR.

touchscreen needed

Sounds like Gnome is your best bet in that case, no other desktop comes close. Like suggested, fedora might be worth a shot. I don’t like how it’s software repositories work but it shouldn’t be that bad if you’re ok with using the command line to unlock the expanded repos. Once you got that you got one of the best Gnome experiences you can get on linux and a very solid linux distribution underneath.

Yeah I appreciate how our 2 biggest desktop environments are so unique from each other. Imagine if we had just KDE and XFCE or Gnome 2 and enlightenment. We got multiple different desktop environments that go in entirely different directions and smaller desktop environments that make a sort of gradient in between as well.

cross-posted from: > This guy basically mirrors my experience with KDE and GNOME. I like kde a lot but Gnome feels so much more polished and comfortable to use, especially on laptops.

[OP on r*ddit]( The active tab needs to be a little more distinct but damn the new libadwaita redesign looks amazing, I'll probably switch to GNOME when version 42 releases.