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2 weeks ago Ukraine was switching to “Signal”

main lemmy..ml post :

“Traffic to Signal exceeded Telegram in Ukraine for the first time”, reports (…hum…) product here

.1) Thanks for this more ​thorough view of the question
.2) it works fine on new install of Ubuntu. sudo thunar is also ok in there.

Had Dostoevsky’s “Eternal …” at school : meh…
Opt-in bot per community sounds good.

@hanabatake’s comment here could be an exception to this rule of unhelpfulness(?)

…or start a file manager as root ?
sudo nautilus or something ?

you shouldn’t ditro distro hop
(otherwise great, thanks)

.1) manger … manager
.2) … if you want this :
I wish I could swap < Left Shift > and < Left Control > though…
.2a) remove last space after “though…”
.2b) add spaces as : < Left Shift >

Same for me … thanks !
But then, there is not enough answers here to know what most users would say. I should have put this under /c/Polls
i am surprised that your (0x6b) username connects to @bar in which i do not find your comments ! Are you aka 0x10 & other hexadecimals ?

no shakespeare bot here, yet lemmy may like a Dostoevsky bot ?

i was thinking about the user interface, i know nothing about the server side, sorry

i agree and like good robots in reddit like tldrBot
…translate @ lemmy.ml sounds a bell

i can't find any... yet, we may never know [V.0.11](https://lemmy.ml/post/61856) ...& [OSRSB](https://lemmy.ml/post/173946) & [GPT-3](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPT-3)

wow !

ton avatar est féerique mais ce n’est rien à côté de tes post👍 !

Notice : i will not reply under GPT-3 (bot) or trolls, period.

No it doesn’t as a whole (…)

I hope you @pancake@lemmy.ml are right. Answers to my (this) post are not numerus enough to draw conclusions.
As of now : 2022-03-08 ~19h20 UTC
in my view, your answer is the best, yet the least upvoted.
Most upvoted answer is from :
“Frick NATO” Farmer_Heck.@.lemmygrad…ml
… yet, it has to be dismissed because :
.1) user not from lemmy.ml
.2) comment not answering the question
… as those votes go, this looks bad for anti-war.

1st question in my post stems from : memes adressing Ukraine war :
pro-war votes : 12 up 20 down
anti-war votes : 7 up 9 down

Since I want to make one single complete answer, i am now adressing :
@marmulak@lemmy.ml : thanks 👍

@overflow64@lemmy.ml Dear overflow, censorship often happen in times of war, mainly to protect lives … it’s imposed now in Russia.

Edit : 2022-03-09 ~8h utc : it has been trolling under this very post, despite the fact i was not calling it before ! Could it be automated text generator bot ?

please move your post to : lemmy.ml/c/lemmy “Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.”

is lemmy.ml approving war on Ukraine ?
Should it be shut down a few months if it is ?

info who > who-infos-in-text.txt
… then open this file in your favorite text editor : so you can …
.1) use “find” &
.2) add your own comments //eddits

[source](https://euromaidanpress.com/2016/04/04/only-beneficiary-of-karabakh-fighting-is-putin-piontkovsky-says/) 2016-04-04 Putin-sshka : nothing to do with that !

Sorry, that was just a guess.
Hey, @Helix@feddit.de …hum, why?
Update : Hi “Display Name” aka @beta_tester@lemmy.ml ; you have received your answer ; if you care to read below my comment.
( same as i told you & more )

Garbage you want to block
::: spoiler spoofing accounts @lemmy4@lemmy.ca lemmy.ml/u/lemmy3@lemmy.ca :::

Accounts producing garbage you want to block
from : [collapse.cat](collapse.cat), lemmy.ca ::: spoiler Accounts to block : ( for porn, nazi & slurs ) @fckyoufgs@collapse.cat @gybear@collapse.cat update, also : @fckufgs@lemmy.ca @gybear@lemmy.ca :::

Best email client for me and you ?
Context : have used Thunderbird for years : when it crashes it makes a mess. Have lost many emails this way, so i want a client for which each email is saved as a single file. My search points to "[Zimba](https://linux.uk/linux-and-zimbra/)"

Link please ? USA:Election officials replaced by Trump's pupets: discussed on NPR (2 or 3 days ago ?)
i lost the link to this NPR discussion about : [TRUMP’S NEXT COUP HAS ALREADY BEGUN](https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2022/01/january-6-insurrection-trump-coup-2024-election/620843/) published in the Atlantic !