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See also my other new comment about issues

Posting a URL or an image can show a little bit about yourself, but comments and a posted question will show a lot more. Leaving the old posts like they are makes some sense since people can benefit from reading it without a very high chance of giving up your own privacy.

My issues :

  • data scraping and building a profile by others and abuse it
  • risk for doxing due to writing style, grammar mistakes, and content of comments

Yes, agreed, therefore I mentioned deleting comments not posts.

One comment from here, maybe useful : https://teddit.net/r/linux/comments/orgn36/waydroid_lets_you_run_android_apps_on_linux/

It’s actually under heavy developement now and ppl run it on Ubuntu Touch. It’s just for Halium 9 devices. I’m actually hunting some cheap Pixel or OnePlus 3+ to install this. Atm, running Ubuntu Touch as a daily driver on Sony Xperia X and it runs fine. Pretty much everything works, but videocalls are not. WayDroid will solve that and some other small issues and we will have decent MobileOS on Linux side.

Will people provide tools to decrease digital footprint for users on Lemmy instances ?

Some time ago there was dismay on Mastodon (and Pleroma ?) instances about data scraping. Before that happened there were privacy concerned people automatically deleting their own toots, limiting them for example to the latest toots for thirty days. With Lemmy things are different since Lemmy is a l…

Cheat-sheet for comparing AP software re: features and ideas ?

More and more software pops up, like https://bonfirenetworks.org/ and the hometown software of friend.camp admin. Is there an overview somewhere that shows the initial ideas, features and future wish-list features of Fediverse AP software ? For example, Pleroma seemed to have been started by coders …

I only have brief experience with Anbox (and no Pinephone, yet?). Let us know how WayDroid performs!

That’s nice ! I do not know enough about hard disks and smartmontools to say whether this means you can continue the disk without worrying. I like smartmontools for work to tell me when a disk is about to need replacement but I’ve always found interpreting smartmontools numbers too difficult to grasp. Hopefully someone else can give you more hints. And making a habit of making backups is something which has become a second nature for me. I am still amazed about learning how many non tech people never make backups of their phones and computers.

Your screen shot shows uncorrectable sector count : 0 which looks fine. Can you run the command line tool badblocks ? By default that will use non destructive options, so you can run (from the top of my head) : badblocks -v /dev/sda for example on the sda disk. https://www.man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/badblocks.8.html

I’ve tried Lumina recently on NixOS and it looks neat and light weight! Trinity could be a nice retro desktop for the early KDE users (I remember when KDE started with Gnome DE following as a reaction).

Running badblocks tool and a long smartmontools test and examine the output is my recommendation. My experience is that both are not always showing the same results. “Modern” hard disks try to deal with bad sectors magically, until a limit is reached. If you are getting near the limit with rapid velocity then it makes sense to have backups and replace the disk.

I would consider to get a cheap phone that is able to run WhatsApp.

deleted by creator

TIL : pre-installed Linux laptops maybe more of a common thing

Wow. The probably most popular on-line shop in Holland and Belgium is selling Linux laptops, with currently a choice of twenty laptops with Linux preinstalled, prices go from about 500 to over 3000 Euros. They usually partner with other companies to deliver the products. The names of these Linux lap…

Yes! But the OP seemed kind of desperate and self hosting Matrix server with a FB bridge also costs money, and time and needs some skills.

One little catch is visible in the animated image on their web page : “By signing up you agree to be bothered about new products, sales and special events” :) I guess they were inspired by simplelogin and anonaddy and such. There must be a bigger catch or risk somewhere I guess. Instead I would not mind seeing more people using Deltachat, the rather easy encrypted email for the masses with a familiar looking UX.

Where are the deb packages ? I only see the MX Linux Testing (MX Linux is Debian based) has it. And Nix and Void as well. https://repology.org/project/lumina/versions

Serious bug. Interesting that they found this obscure looking way to get root access.

dino 0.2.1-1 landed in Arch Linux Community repository

I guess that means being able to make voice calls with Dino without needing to use AUR or git \o/…