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Cagundeu! Em penso que l’he espifiat perquè jo vaig fer la meva instal·lació amb Ansible… Brrrr Bueno, hauré de mirar d’arreglar-ho o tirar de còpia de seguretat!

Wow! Quines dentetes que fas! A veure si un dia d’aquests trobo temps per actualitzar collapse.cat!

Pd. és molt traumàtic, el procés d’actualització?

I don’t think so… Maintain a server is not payed with 60$ yearly ;-)

#WordleCAT 12 3/6 …


In Catalonia, Europe, with a population of 7,5 millions, most secondary public schools use Linkat, a Linux distro based on Debian/Ubuntu:


That means there are thousands of children using Linux ;-)

And there are some other countries in Spain with their own scholar Linux distro.

I don’t know if this is a good game or not, but I’m sure “best Linux game ever existed” is just a wishful thinking ;-) There are lots of good games on Linux, for example The Battle of Wesnoth, among others.

Tour title is click-bite… Not a very good practice ;-)

If whatsapp is the only reason to not choose a linux mobile, here you are an workarround/option. …

Lemmy instance backup

Hi, I’d like to backup my Lemmy instance. Is there any doc to know how to do it? What are the involved folders?..

Web developing, drupal, moodle, civicrm… I’ve only work with FLOSS

Un blog molt xulo…

A Holanda han tornat al confinament nocturn…

@main@collapse.cat @ecologisme@collaspse.cat @relatoscolapsistas@collapse.cat @turiel@collapse.cat @agenda@collapse.cat

But, when I boost one of their tooths, on Mastodon, the “original” author is not the Lemmy community (it remains hide, so IT CAN NOT BE FOLLOWED BY OTHER USERS), but the Lemmy user (who can NOT be followed from Fediverse). I think it should be improved…