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Check out Fedora SIlverblue and see if it fits your use case with toolbox.

No. What I mean is bribing courts to bypass the requirement to follow the license.

I’d fuckin riot

Mass surveillance never results in good outcomes for the population no matter whom participates. We all need to work together to push the banning of mass surveillance into the public zeitgeist.

Why am I not surprised that this type of thread would be on a reddit alternative website HAHAHA

This is the main problem i2p has compared to TOR. There isn’t nearly as many resources as expected for help in using i2p. Tor has easy to use things like the preconfigured Tor browser and TAILS, but as far as I know i2p doesn’t really have these things. I would love a preconfigured TAILS like distro with browser and torrent client for i2p torrents.

You could either donate to help Pop’s development or use its more community oriented upstream distro Debian.

With a Smartphone I will be tempted to browse social media & play games

If you ever have to switch to using a smart phone again, one thing that might help is making the screen monochrome in the android developer options. Removing the colors from the screen makes our ape brains not get as excited and more focused on tasks. It also works on desktops.

Edit for additional thoughts: One downside of using a flip phone compared to a smartphone is the lack of security based applications like encrypted messaging for example.

What is the appeal of a flip phone? Is it specifically the physical form factor or is there something else I’m missing?

I wonder if Fedora having a simple checkbox upon first login to enable RPM fusion, nvidia drivers, and codecs would be considered to be going against its free software policy. They would technically be shipping only free software be default and in their own repos if users only had to check a couple of checkboxes after installation to enable some common non-free software.

Depending on your preferred desktop environment they may have the best implementation of it. Ubuntu MATE is to MATE what Fedora is to GNOME, you’re not going to find a MATE experience half as good anywhere else. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same was true for lxqt or something.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that Fedora tries to ship packages that are more vanilla than standard Ubuntu packages. If the experience on Ubuntu MATE is better than the Fedora MATE/Compiz spin, then perhaps that is the fault of both Ubuntu MATE for going against the spirit of free software by not pushing their changes upstream and maybe even the fault of the MATE desktop developers themselves for not trying to request those changes be pushed upstream.

What is the use case for doing this compared to just using a different distro with newer packages? Fedora is very nearly as well supported for most software but has newer packages than Ubuntu while also innovating by including newer technologies first. With also Ubuntu pushing Snaps heavily as well makes me question why anybody runs Ubuntu at all anymore when better distros exist.

Europe is always ready to save white people

You make that sound like its racist for European countries wanting to help out a European neighbor. It isn’t.

Removing C from your setup sounds interesting. Please tell me more about your setup and the different ways you have removed C.

We need machine learning software that can interpret what people are saying but then reword it in a different way to help with this type of attack

How does SoulSeek compare to torrents? From my quick search, it seems that SoulSeek is proprietary software, correct?

The best solution regarding privacy would be to own the hi-fi files directly and then stream them to your devices using software you self host like jellyfin or something.

The people in San Francisco who are complaining about homelessness and its ill effects aren’t complaining about the effects of 3 homeless people throughout the entire city. They’re complaining about 20,000 homeless.

Your comment was helpful for providing insight, particularly the line I quoted above. Thanks.

What would you say is a potential solution for those 20,000 homeless for example?

What does a society do with people that are homeless by choice?
I've worked helping homeless people in the past on many occasions, had friends whos family members were homeless, had homeless friends, and had even been homeless myself for a small amount of time. There are a lot of people that are homeless through no fault of their own, there are people that are homeless because of drug abuse (which perpetuates the cycle). Both of these people need more access to the help that can be provided to them, but I mainly wanted to talk about a third category of homelessness: People that are homeless by choice. People that are homeless by choice have told me that they enjoy the lifestyle and enjoy the freedom that it brings despite the negatives. They actively rejected help from people and expressed their desires to me to intend living that lifestyle forever. While I think every person has the right to live their own life the way they see fit, homelessness often has negatives to the people that aren't homeless. Feces and needles in the streets, breaking and entering into homes, garages, sheds, vandalizing and burning them down in the process. Of course all homeless people aren't like that but the point still remains: a healthy society generally doesn't have homeless people. How do you achieve a balance to allow the people whom are homeless by choice to live in a way they see fit while also minimizing the perceived issues of homelessness? What are your thoughts on homeless people? I ask these questions in good faith and I hope you also do the same. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions.

It would be nice if Lemmy had an onion address for TOR users
extra points for the ability to use Lemmy without javascript.