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So, for now, I see it has some issues on the installer. Then some AppImage apps are outdated too… They have a tutorial that isn’t working when I follow it… if you want to enjoy of OpenRC I think the best option is still to go to Artix Linux (or any of those current distros).

I also had problems to drag a compressed file to the file manager, it doesn’t work.

I’m so sad they didn’t have their “Lockdown Mode” in time to beat those Israeli hackers.

I browse normally by default using Tor network, Cloudflare is a bit slow with the initial validation, but I always get into any website.

Website owners can block users to access via Tor network without using Cloudflare services anyway … so this isn’t any problem about Cloudflare.

I think Google is still the worst with their infinite CAPTCHA validation. Before doing those CAPTCHA validations (which could take you like 10 minutes to complete them all) I rather close the link and ignore it exist, they don’t block, but they make it impossible for Tor users.

I mean, I don’t mind being “jerk” to another “jerk”, but I wanted to be “mean” to another “mean” response like the @Helix@feddit.de did, starting his reply with “That’s wrong”, but it’s not wrong, it’s just missing info.

On my reply to you, as you have been mean to us too (at least for me) I just included yourself too, as being “mean” for you means being a “jerk” (again, at least for me). So, as you think I’m a jerk, I tried to explain to you what I wanted to say without being mean or jerk. Because I know it’s true, I have been mean or jerk, as you want to say.

And you just included yourself, being so mean.

I just want to notice that the energy price depends on each person. The root of these replies (the Arthur Besse reply) isn’t wrong, he just forgot to include the prices of electricity, which is important to include because it could be cheaper to get a VPS if your energy price is high, but that doesn’t mean “he’s wrong”, he just forgot to include energy prices which is more complex than assuming everyone pays “0,15€/kWh”.

If my bills are $1000 with my current house. If I add a matrix server at home it will add “+ $0” to my current bill which will be $1000 at the end. For me, that’s a cost 0. 🙃

If you want to go deeper, we could say you need to pay your food to be alive and maintain the service.

That’s wrong, if you have solar panels and battery it is free.

https://murena.com/smartphones/ https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases/-/releases

This OS is a nice alternative to avoid Google tracking but also be able to install apps from Google Play Store.

I don’t know any guide, it’s easy. Use https://github.com/bekh6ex/firefox-container-proxy if you trust this add-on maintainers, then install tor and run it with sudo systemctl start tor (if you have a distro with systemd). Configure the proxy to use localhost:9050 which is Tor network proxy. You can use Tor network on terminal with the package torsocks like SSH via Tor torsocks ssh user@host.com -p 1234

I am talking about faking the user-agent, screen display detection and language (I think those basically if you even allow JavaScript). For me isn’t neither a problem most of the time.

I know about fingerprints, it is hard and breaks a lot of websites. I even got banned for suspicious activity, so it’s more headache to add this protection to your daily browsing.

What I want to tell is that you should have a main browser private and secure as possible and if someone wants to use VPN, in most of the cases Tor networks already works.

I don’t understand, what kind of ad do you get that needs VPN+Tor?

I don’t remember to have seen any ad on the past months… unless I disable the ad-blocker. And smartphones also have Firefox app which includes ad-blocker add-on to install.

Right now, I would use VPN only to access to my work network. Not as a paid service.

Hello, right now I am on Lemmy using Tor network, with the same browser as I use for everything.

I first open the tor daemon and with a Firefox container add-on + proxy for each container add-on the same browser I can choose which website I want to use direct or Tor network connection. So I can connect directly to my bank account without Tor and the same time explore musics, articles, lemmy and browse much more stuff with privacy (even from my ISP) over Tor network without any effort.

I play all music/videos/streams over Tor browser, and it just goes 1-2 seconds lower than my direct connection. (I’m talking about simple streams, not 4K videos)

The only problem is that a lot of websites also blocks your request if you are using Tor (as JavaScript blocker if you want to access to any Cloudflare network). But it’s just a right click and open with another container if you really need to access.

I think in this situation you need to hire a VPS (as cheap as possible) and use that VPS to tunnel all Tor traffic via SSH so no one can see it on your region (ISP)