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The updated article is here:


There is too much censorship & shenannigans like concealing censorship from modlogs to trust lemmy.ml anymore. I just saw a post about how the admins removed a community creator and quietly put someone else in control.

There’s a lot of tor-hostile links in this post and references to untrustworthy sites and services.

It’s bad advice. Sony and Motorola are terrible recommendations. See https://neoreddit.horobets.me/post/51

NB: Can’t believe I had to register here with an e-mail address to comment about privacy…

Supplying an email address on Lemmy used to be optional. Has that changed?

Problem I have with searx is it does no regional searches at all

I think that’s determined by the searx instance. Some instances let you choose your UI language, as well as the results language. You can also do “site:de” if you want to search *.de sites for example.

I notice that DDG does allow users to set their search method to POST requests and support redirects to prevent search leakage.

Why would POST prevent leakage? As long as the site is HTTPS, the query is encrypted regardless of whether it’s HTTPPOST or HTTPGET.

Privacy-centric tool advice sites -- Credibility examined -- part 1: web search engines (DDG & Qwant)

This is an examination of the integrity and credibility of the following projects that attempt to advise privacy-focused consumers. …


This thread does an interesting comparison:


YaCy is a crawler. It’s a great tool for supplying your own search engine to the public, but end users will find searx nodes more practical.

DuckDuckGo's privacy abuses-- current, historic, and by proxy

There are substantial privacy and civil liberty issues with DuckDuckGo. Here they are spot-lighted: …


It’s important to state which Searx instance is used in the testing, because every instance is different. Every instance operator chooses who to source from, and some of them even source from their own YaCy crawler.