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OK, let us start reminding peopler about this. But what do mods think about this practice?

OK, so you basically use the keyboard to type code, not via touchscreen? Am I correct?

You have got a skewed view on even a “steriotipical” man. The steriotipical man I know is a loving, caring person wanting to provide and care for his lived ones. For women, what about cultures that don’t have dresses as a women’s clothing (this affirmation is unrelated to current thread).

I don’t want to go thru gender affirmation or theories but I just want to state that a man or women label are not a bad thing. For example, I know a good number of women that prefer wearing men’s underware, or men that prefer using women’s body care products. Nothing wrong in that, nothing insulting and nothing humiliating.

Would be awesome. I am trying to stay politically neutral when it comes to humor and amusement. Especially when it is about foreign politics in don’t care about. But what about doing it the reverse. Making current memes group political free andcr createt some kind of c/polmeme or something.

This is a master of the craft. Others just know how to use tools and jig. Most of anglosaxon video on youtube use one tool per task.

I still have no idea what it might be.

What does package look like? Maybe there is some kind of instruction or hint.

As I see it, touch screens are not the best thing for productivity. If you have to keep your hands raised in the air for a long time, you will get tired. Unlike having to rest on the table or keyboard.

So even if you add a touchscreen to a laptop, you won’t use it much so it is smarter not to put it in the first places. Smartphone and tablets are not productivity tools. You use them with too fingers at most, for mostly consuming media or casual chats on the smartphone.

I am not sure you can comfortably do programming work or some heavy excel editing or whatever exclusively on touch screen (hands raised in the air and/or extreme hunchback)

At previous place of work, they provided dell XPS with touchscreens or convertibles to executves and directors. I rarely seen them use the touchscreen while working even if they knew of the feature. It was mostly occasional scrolling, clicking the start menu, or minor things like that.

I also guess that there isn’t a sufficiently high demand for it.

I don’t see anything dehumanizing in being a man or a women.

Why is it dumb?

My understanding is that it is a gift card form brands mentioned in it. Each more susceptible to interest one gender.

The body I wanted passed away decenies ago.

On a tangent subject, 2FA is open standard and you can use freedom and privacy respecting apps to login to github like FreeOTP+ or similar. You may find them on f-droid.

Edit: typos.

Yes, domaisn lthat literally screw people. Like gambling, MLM or plain scams. Astrology too.

I am interested in knowing how this picture was taken.

رغم أني لا أذري بالضبط التغير الذي أحدته فهذا يبدو كخطأ تقني في التعامل مع النص unicode. فربما تحتاج أنت تقوم بتقرير للمبرمج.

لا تنسا أنت تدعيني للمثيل أومساعدة.

Aren’t there comitees or organizations that regulate what churches preach?

I can’t see the image. Seems broken.

Not really a problem for me. I brow “Subscribed” by default.

Open posts in new window by default?
Is it possible, or planned to have posts open in a new window by default?