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Decentralized Single Sign-on

The decentralization of Single Sign-on seems like a natural step in improving usability and accessability of the fediverse. It will require a lot less account and make it far easier to interact with content. Are there anybody working on this? …

There aren’t that many lemmy instances yet, so expect that this will work just fine for now.

Looks like the domain is not in use anymore though.

Exactly! Algorithms ends up favouring polarization for the sake of polarization. Decentralized social infrastructures takes away this destructive element of social infrastructures and that alone will have a positive effect.

Me personally, I’ve realized how much my perception of socialist countries has been warped by capitalist propaganda and I’m reluctant about believing anything that western media says about these countries.

Privacy International Peertube channel

I just found this peertube society, seems like they have a lot of good content. Activism, interviews, podcasts, privacy edutainment. Go check 'em out. Give them a sub on mastodon. Give 'em some love:) …

Perhaps they are still interested in the sense that they are willing to create their own instance.

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I don’t think you necessarily would need a lot of users. If you can group communities based on what they are interested in buying, it would require much less populate societies.

Small instances can be quite boring in the long run though, you see the same people all the time. But if you feel adventurous, you can at any time register an account on another instance.

I’m on snabelen.no for norwegian politics. This is my primary account to interact with other content.

Hosting kaskjer.space for posting what is happening in stavanger.

Uploading videos on video.ploud.fr. Looking for a place to migrate to though as the instance isn’t thematic.

I watch peertube content from tilvids.com, tube.rebellion.global and watch.breadtube.tv.

Using lemmy for pitching ideas about digital issues.

Write.as for longer posts in norwegian.

Otherwise, I’m interested in instances about some of my hobbies.

I don’t like that the app is the official app. I have just started a geographic instance with the purpose of ensuring the local content is blooming. Now I need to make sure that people who register doesn’t use the official mastodon app. If they do, they may get the impression that my site is about what is happening on mastodon globally.

I think this is going to make it harder for new users to stay on my instance.

I think instance owners just hasn’t figured it out yet. I think the federated timeline can become very enjoyable.

I don’t understand why people are hating on tiktok. Like except for the fact that it is centralized.

The editing is super simple. It is a platform that distributes attention. People share nuanced and interesting stories and stories about their struggles. There’s a lot of inspirational content. You can interact with other people’s content in fun ways. We should take inspiration from tiktok, not just laugh it off.

Okay, so listen to this. What if this platform allows you to stitch audio like @Echedenyan suggested? And anyone can stitch on top of another audio. What if we allow people to download the entire thread to listen to while you do your jogging like a podcast?

Perhaps you can limit conversations to dialogues or trialogues? And perhaps you can invite specific people to join the discussion?

Centralized social media is about concentrating attention toward social media. Federated services are about distributing the attention between people.

I think much of the criticism comes down to walled gardens.

Walled gardens are not designed to serve human interests. Instead the focus is to maximize active users in their ecosystems. They do this through creating loyalty, but they also prevent compatibility with other ecosystems. Forcing people to use ecosystems they may be more or less comfortable with.

Walled gardens gives people less fluency with computers. They infantilize people by removing complexity. This infantilization is also used to create dependency on their ecosystems. They use AI in order to create even less fluency.

Understand me right though, not everybody aims for fluency with computers, but the active fight against it is making computers less of a tool and more of a renting hub. We should have a right to autonomy over our tools.

Walled gardens often use proprietary software which is undemocratic. This means we don’t know how the application is run and we don’t know whether we consent to it’s activities. We didn’t participate in it’s development. Our voices are easily ignored.

Oh, don’t be so pessimistic, I’m sure communist ideas will flourish if the fediverse becomes mainstream.

We need to recognize what the strength of federated services are. Instances are better regulated when small, therefore I believe that we should avoid bigger instances. We should instead have many smaller ones. These will encourage more intimate/ nuanced conversations. We should encourage instances that focus on something very niche. Juggling, manchester united, roblox, or whatever.

Instances should not be general for the same reason why a webpage shouldn’t be general. Sure, your scope can be bigger with a general webpage, but when you can go to a website that is more specific, you are always going to pick the more specific one because you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Sorting algorithm

So I used a social media plaform called cent.co for a little while. It had some very different ideas. You pay to incentivice good replies. …

Social media should embrace creative commons

To get our heads around how good decentralized social media can get, lets just look at creative commons. Let me explain how powerful creative commons can be. …

Using RSS to popularize decentralization

I want decentralized services to become mainstream, but it is understandable that people are hesitant. Signing up for new services takes some time and requires password management which many people doesn’t take as seriously as they should. Any pod could also be discontinued for various reasons. …