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you can’t fuck up the past but you can still change the future

Lemmy could be compared to the comment section on news sites or YouTube, with the added advantage of allowing for more interaction between users in threads that are more structured

I sure miss the good times, but not to forget there were plenty of bad times, too

Something like a stone on the ground can perhaps be ignorant, everything else not so much

Showing respect for someone you respected during their lifetime should be self-evident

Let’s just say it’s easier to develop feelings for someone you feel close to than for someone you don’t like

Minimum should be the absolute minimum, going lower defeats the purpose of having a minimum in the first place

Next time I see a soccer ball (or anything that looks kickable), I’ll make sure to “test” it first

It’s no use to starve when you get cravings later that lead to binge eating. Balance is the key to a good diet

Everyone who’s lucky enough to live in a place with potable tap water should drink that whenever possible! Also, you can just bring a bottle & refill it anywhere

Better to abort a baby for traits you don’t like than to treat it badly because of those traits later.

As long as you select for health traits and not aesthetical or others, it should be fine

Why not give every letter its own umlaut

Comparing sex work to any other form of work is a common error in thinking and indicates a lack of understanding for “the victim’s” point of view.

Sex work is just not the same, so it has to be treated special since it concerns a human’s (mainly woman’s) physical integrity & their most intimate parts. I can’t imagine that one can separate the body from the mind so clearly here, making the workers more vulnerable than in any other field of work. It’s all they have & they’re selling it. Please be more sensitive in that regard and show some respect for people’s private spheres.

No one should get control over someone else’s body without true consent. Taking money as a bribe does not equal consent. Getting laid should take some effort. Putting money on the table doesn’t count as effort.

The thing is that mind and body can’t be divided, at least in the long run. Abuse to someone’s body is abuse to someone’s mind. There is always the risk that people abuse their “right” they “earned” with their dirty money.

It’s not the same as rape, but sex without sympathy is mentally unhealthy.

However, paying money to just talk to someone is more acceptable, albeit not necessary in an ideal world.

Sure, if you sweat & smell more than usual, one more shower is needed

Unless you smell profusely, a daily shower should usually suffice

Keeping pets at home with no contact to neither nature nor fellow animals while expecting from them to stay mentally sane.

Trust in Software, an All Time Low
"We are spending our time deciding whether to fight dark patterns or just give up. They are everywhere. Every convenience, every delightful offering comes with a side of “just consent to everything”."