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Hot damn! I don’t know the specific patches, but according to the email (tl:dr;) a team at University of Minnesota was submitting patches they knew were broken to “test” how the kernel team responded. They had apparently published papers on it.

lol. just to check, you calling google drive a communist service?

ok, then that’s true. no text selection in mupdf. At least in Lineage OS though, i just share it to the default print service in files, but i guess idk if that’s possible in android proper.

i may be in the minority, but i like leaving them up and manually marking them complete. I use it as a little reminder that i want to respond to a comment

The only thing i can think of would be subscribing to all the communities you’d like to see, but i too would like the option to selectively not get certain communities in my, but still get new ones, etc.

thanks all! i will try alpine as soon as i have a laptop again! my thinkpad stopped turning on yesterday, so, sorry for the late response

Along this vein, i 've been usinbg mutt, which is good but i still don’t love it. anyone use a non-mutt terminal main client?

Someone correct me if my reasoning is flawed but I’ve heard about this before and it strikes me as a sort of [standards - xkcd]. Configurations have specific places already, they just aren’t followed. Configurations go in /etc, no /usr/etc, no $HOME/.*, no $HOME/.config/. The problem is always that people want to use non-conforming utilities, so I feel like the only way to make this work is to write a suite of conforming utilities, but at that point, there’s nothing wrong with just using one of the existing standards.

Yes, sorry for not mentioning them. I figured they would be the main draw of the OS and I know less about them so I was approaching it from a “how it feels” standpoint. Thanks for the link. EDIT: That’s very informative, thanks.

For anyone who hasn’t tried it, I installed it yesterday and it’s basically android-google (And without any of those pesky errors about google play services holding your phone hostage like I got on lineage). So far, I am loving it.