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Yo sugiero “Instancia multitemática en español con un enfoque constructivo y solidario.” @cricri@lemmy.ml

Alowlist estaba comentado, pero cambiaremos al modo alowlist y comentaremos blocklist

Hola, yo ayudé a montar la instancia y habíamos puesto Gab en la blocklist, usando el modo blocklist, me extraña que aparezca listado en instancias.

Ahora veo y creo que no debería aparecer como hipervínculo… Pero si aparece como instancia bloqueada.

no, it shows in your profile and in your followers’ home feed. non-followers can see unlisted posts if they go to your profile.

Mastodon has rss for profiles, add. rss at the end

you could put donations links for those contributors who would like that. Maybe you can’t pay them, but someone else could.

Sorry, sometimes acronyms are hard to find correctly and wanted to be sure.

Blocks don’t really work. If someone of other instance shares (retoots) your toot and has contact with a blocked instance/user, the blocked instance/user can see that toot via the intermediate instance.

Police in USA are targeting black people. True, maybe Zoom itself doesn’t really mind about them, maybe is not specifically targeting them and is just doing it for money, but FBI does. And Zoom will share info with the FBI.

It’s an indirect danger for them.

Only people who pay us have right to privacy uwu /s

Considering all that’s happening in USA, i’d say this will target black people. Plz be safe folks and avoid zoom.