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You have reported that you received one message from a different account that was rude. You are also in this thread calling people paranoid, so… I will at this time remind everyone that we’re trying not to have Lemmy be a cesspool, so please try to be polite. I am not seeing anyone behave in a way that seems obviously banworthy.

Your own server is the one through which you interact with all others. You just talk to it, and then it talks to the other servers.

Yup, the domain name is part of what defines your identity. I would expect that eventually we’ll have more interface options to ensure it’s not too confusing who’s who (especially since there’s your real username and then you can also set a display name) but it’s one of those things that isn’t really a problem until it’s a problem.

Deletions in the fediverse have been a big deal in past. The tl;dr is that your “home” server would send out a “hey delete this” notification to all the other servers. By default they will of course do that, but you can see that it’s conceivable that someone could make a malicious version of server software that wouldn’t.

I am not a dev on the project so I am happy to pitch in answering Qs. :)

Small nit: it’s not like pulling data from each server separately because you can have one user account on one server and vote / comment / post in communities on all the servers using that one same identity.

One thing that’s important to me is making the fediverse less elitist. So that’s maybe a divergence of views, though I can’t speak to whether I’m whatever “kind of person” you’re thinking of.

Personally, I don’t really want it to be changed; I like that there’s somewhere generic that can serve as a catch-all bin for Fediverse content. However, I think it’s cool that someone (possibly even you??? I don’t have it in a tab) was working on spinning off something to focus on organizing to increase Fediverse adoption. I intend to join such spinoffs as well :)

I like the fediverse for its nichey communities. It lets content be easily spread across the network for viral serendipity, but also lets people feel like they’re just hanging out with a smaller community where you get to know each other. Within that community, the community has full control and autonomy, which is why it’s better than e.g. the evils of Facebook Groups for what I’m describing. Having a sort of collective/cooperative/socially negotiated service provision creates the nice foundation for the right attitudes for a community to have (I was heavily influenced by ). I like that no one is making money off my attention so no one is incentivized to manipulate me.

I don’t care as much about censorship resistance, escaping Big Mod, libreness of software (except through how that’s made it something accessible and shaped-by-the-community that a sysadminny type person can spin up without a ton of resources)…

it’s really easy to move a mastodon instance. I know because I did it. it should eventually be as easy to move a lemmy instance. each admin that has the ability to move their instance if they want to represents a meaningful point of decentralization. “The underlying problem” sounds so dramatic.

Hi. I’m speaking as an admin on the site.

Please don’t insult other people for this kind of thing. If you don’t think the view expressed is worthwhile, downvote and move on.

No bots on any community on this, the main instance. It’s part of the vision for lemmy for people to not have the bot heavy experience of Reddit. However, this instance can federate with other instances that do have bots so people like you and I who do want that content can subscribe to communities hosted there.

I think mirroring comments is not a good idea because if someone puts a lot of effort into writing a comment, that content needs to still be within their control… and if someone is trying to delete stuff to retain privacy or something, it’s always pretty sketchy to keep up something that isn’t newsworthy or from a public figure.

so, admin hat on for a minute, bot posting is not allowed on the main instance, BUT… I personally think this kind of thing would be great in some form on another instance. some caveats, again coming from my personal views:

  • link posts only to not steal written content? it sucks to miss some of the stuff where the best part is answers in the comments, but that also would need people to go back to reddit to consume, and there are a decent number of people here who have left reddit intentionally and would probably get annoyed.
  • limiting the rate would be key; I believe there were some automated news stories being posted that had to rate limit to not drown everything else on the network out. this will not be a thing forever, just while we’re still smaller.
  • I’m not sure how you’d choose what subreddits to propagate over. if you end up building something and being selective about it, please consider making the code and tooling available so someone else can choose a different set

I have no idea what the mod story should be except that it is relatively less important now, while the site is still not huge, but will become extremely important once we get to the point where large communities are their own fiefdoms and whatever other nonsense is going on over there on Reddit.

yup, top 5 or so by some metric and then a link to the full list.

the article :) I only see a couple of people from kolektiva ever RTed onto my timeline so can’t speak to that yet

depends; is it in your subscribed feed? shouldn’t be in that or the local feed. lots of people had “all” as their default view which would show it.

Intended hitpiece from people trying to get an alternate protocol to stick (via the CC0 attribution at the bottom).

I haven’t read it in detail but even skimming through it’s making some pretty questionable claims. “well, you have to join a public room, so it’s not really public”, and “they said their GDPR tools were ‘hacky’ which means they must not be good enough” and “a system administrator could configure STUN/TURN in such a way that IP metadata gets sent to Google”

I’d be very willing to believe Matrix had fucked some stuff up, leaked data, etc. but I don’t see enough to buy the accusations of bad faith.

Anecdotally, I feel like there were independent e.g. illustrators who were game to try Mastodon and left when they saw tiny fractions of the engagement they get on ordinary social media. This is a big bummer to me. For visual art, we need the equivalents of the IG accounts that repost art with permission and link backs. For other stuff, I don’t know the answers.

you’re seeing it in the niche communities that you’d expect to be on the cutting edge: tech workers, sex workers, furries… I think in the small intentional ecofocused communities you see a lot of the core constructive energy that you could possibly hope for. To bring down the bigger silos, a more parasitic approach is going to be called for; I am very curious to see how that will develop.

the death of the newsfeed (and its afterlife)

I’m going to summarize this a bit and then muse about it because I think it’s really, really important. There is support for all these points in the article. …