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Funny, I just setup sway on Void Linux and found out about seatd. Haven’t gone for it yet - will try it out tonight

Cool, will get to play with it on the wifes computer :)

That sounds aweful. I have used it since 2016 without any such issues. Did you file a bug report?

Where is Shotwell ratings stored and general photo library management strategies?

I have a system for sorting my photos using the ratings feature. It came about me trying to sort out the insane mess created by phone photography and automagic camera uploads have on your photo library. I needed a quick way to go through marking photos in order to sort out what has value or not. …

Very nice writeup on your setup! Thanks for sharing, I’ll dive deeper into it tonight.

It’s not a bad idea to do that. Something that urks my lazyness is when I go cd Do [tab] and fish promptly gives me the option to chose either Documents or Downloads.

Maybe in my case where I’d rather not mix abbreviations I’ll remap my muscle memory from Downloads to fetched or something like that in order to avoid the do in downloads and documents.

Reorganizing $HOME

I’m looking to restructure my home folder. Have for a long time used the standard XDG user directory structure ($HOME/{Desktop,Documents,Downloads...}) and it has become a mess. Also the capitalized directory names are inconvenient for a multitude of reasons. …


#1 Budgie is rather lovely - has some polish. But…

When you say you are looking for simple, modern and customizable it opens up a whole heap of questions.

Simple to me is a tiling workflow. Overlapping windows as a rule don’t make much sense to me - very clunky way of going about things.

Modern - what is modern to you?

Customizable - which parts of the thing are you looking to customize?

Plasma is bombastic, have been on it for a few weeks now rocking Krohnkite Kwin script for tiling magic.

More and more things impress me to the extent that me, a previously not-very-keen-on-qt-guy want to nuke my SSD and start fresh with all things KDE.

I chose to make my Plasma minimal and remove visual cruft, I was given the choice to set it up as a regular old tiling window manager. That’s the beauty of it. Also enjoy how great GTK things work in Plasma, much more fitting compared to the other way round.

The author makes me want to smack the handle of my hammer on a nail. The anti-hammer hammer.

Yay! Edit: or an option to set either or the other way of going about

Reason why I have not tried kdenlive is the amount of dependencies and its integration to kde desktop…


Aerc is a pretty good email client ;)


Nice mention of eopkg, had a good time with it. It is apparently based on PiSi which originates from Pardus a neat Turkish distro with support from their government :) No mention of the mighty quick xbps though

Server distro project for super-easy deployment? Help me find it [Solved]

**Edit: distrowatch <3 searching anything “Linux server” in any search engine is a futile action, thanks distrowatch: ** https://yunohost.org/

Well, I can understand that - its a dilemma, good content for free.

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