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how are we winning? sounds like we have the lowest standards.
various sites like lemmy are sort of wins on an individual level.

and they say that the computer chip shortage is hindering the supply of new cars.
they really refuse to just make ordinary cars without a micro chip. smh

i bought a lifetime vpn for cheap.
i’d rather use tor though.

ha! yeah you’re probably right.
but seriously: i think that is the exact reason that it’s so important.

i3wm, sanders, meshnet, publictransit, regex, wikipedia, wireshark, opendata, is nsfw allowed?, automation, openwrt, linuxtips, networking

if you are registered on lemmy.ml then you should be able to just enter your username and password.
lemmur is still being developed so it might not work perfectly.
you can also use a regular browser to access the site.

off topic: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-WebCam-Cover-Magnet-Slider-Plastic-Camera-Cover-for-Laptop-iPad-Mac/174483616745
small things like that can almost always be found cheaper somewhere else. (mostly ebay afaik)
that’s why i created c/ebaycheap
not a perfect solution… but paying relatively more money to businesses for items is almost never beneficial.

review pending…

judges their similarity by the number of mutual commenters.
Click a subreddit to see some recent posts. Double-click a subreddit to start a new graph around it. …


  • powerful customization. intuitive and fine grained.
  • decentralized. huge power but not perfected.
  • crawler is simple and customizable. fairly raw.
  • solr/lucene benefits included from day 1.
  • website that covers the basics. and forum for help.


  • frequently buggy and feels heavy
  • documentation. very little documentation. many good features that are difficult to discover or use.
  • consumes alot of storage. not dividable.
  • setup takes time
  • no foolproof simplicity. and less adoption due to setup time+difficulty.
  • not recognized as important and not very popular. which is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • not too many maintainers/contributors. slow development.

there are many alternatives for more efficient small personalized search engines with medium startup time and skill level.
a crawler can be more customizable if you script it yourself. (for yacy or whatever else)

proof of stake is more sustainable than proof of work. it’s all about holding huge quantities of coins. (or buying coins to hold). …or massive adoption of smaller amounts could also possibly drive the price way up. when the price goes up… it attracts more miners who are less efficient… which is bad for the environment. there are various altcoins like tez0s which would work better for storing large amounts over time. some people think that the miners should be doing productive work…and there are a few less popular coins based around that.
institutional investors and large speculators are the worst for the environment IMO.

for lemmy: a large diverse community of active commenters.
both mastodon and lemmy are often seen as yet another sprawling commercial platform by ordinary people.
simple signup helps to make it easy for people to join. keeping people interested might need to highlight some impressive quick benefits to be seen instantly.
maybe if you could backup your multireddits to lemmy alternatives. or analyze your comments to suggest similar conversations where the user can contribute.
the speed/responsiveness/weight of both sites are faster than their competitors.
people who are internet people (opposed to normies) will generally join these sites. it just takes time. growth happens linearly not exponentially. but more people will form a bigger base for more potential invites.
i always tell people that if they don’t want to try a site then they can tell a friend who might like to try it.
i didn’t find mastodon signup process very easy at all. lemmy and diaspora were much easier i think.
i would love to see an android app for lemmy if it doesn’t already exist somewhere. lemmy doesn’t render well on my mobile device last time i checked.

Tut - a Mastodon TUI

A TUI for Mastodon with vim inspired keys.
credit goes to a user on d*…

i think google play services should be disabled