Hey. This is my profile. I like trying out new stuff, you can send me music, books, or anything you may wish.

One word answers for some generic questions –

I play Polytopia, listen to Lana Del Rey, read Agatha Christie, watch Doctor Who, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie.

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It was this photo of Lana. It was visible earlier so idk what changed. I’ll try a re-upload.

Removing and uploading again worked.

[Bug] Profile banner not visible.

Hey, hopefully this is right place. I’m browsing Lemmy on Chrome mobile, Android 9. The banner on my profile is not showing up, only the profile picture. I tried desktop site option too but no effect. …

[Suggestion] Notifications should go away when clicking on bell icon

Generally I open the notifications and if I’ve to reply I do it from there only. Then I open something else. Notification count doesn’t go away automatically and ‘mark all as read’ has to be clicked. It’d be nice if the notification count disappears after the user open them once…

And they somehow figured out how to update the old design too. They couldn’t add any useful feature because of the legacy code but this goes live everywhere at once.