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I really wish the root permissions system on Magisk involved entering your password instead of just a yes/no prompt, and that there was an option to never remember your permissions and just ask every single time, like how it works with Sudo in Linux.

Can this be used to deny apps access to sensors like the accelerometer or gyroscope? Android has no permission control for those and they open up quite serious security vulnerabilities.

Why does victory feel hollow?

Because it doesn’t exist. In a capitalist system, corporations will always beat people.

Thank you! I really appreciate that on a social media platform!

Not sure about the screen with the rounded edges though. It would probably interfere with the UI if you were to run a normal desktop environment. Plus, it looks like it would add expense for at most a stylistic feature.

As a mod, you can’t change the URL on other people’s posts. Users can change the URL on their own posts though.

I wouldn’t consider this blogspam personally, it’s a lot more likely they read the article and just wanted to share it.

Why is speed even a concern?

I think it’s just a bragging point. It seems to be just a personal project to implement it in Rust.

That rounded edge screen on the JingPad though, not sure if I like that TBH. It would probably interfere with other non-JingOS desktops and probably adds to the cost.

I blame Android phone manufacturers for popularizing it to the point where everyone wants to do it.

Genuinely curious: What ergonomic designs are there that can make a 5-inch keyboard comfortable to type on?

That looks like it’d be horrible to type on though. Might be a better idea to spring for the PineTab or a System76 laptop if you want a Linux laptop for actual productivity, or get one of those “dumb terminal” display and keyboard combos that can hook up to a phone and take advantage of mobile Linux’s convergence features. Or a bluetooth keyboard, which has the additional benefit of being usable for any computer, some of them even fold for portability.

I imagine they don’t want the possibility of the researcher just getting a new academic email and continuing to do it. Also, it forces the university to react since the researcher clearly isn’t willing to stop judging by their responses.

The first rule of pentesting is to get goddamn permission before you exploit something. Come to think of it, what they did is probably federally illegal under computer abuse law.

If they don’t force the users to share their personal information, scrapping would not be the big problem they face now.

Clearly they don’t give a shit so…

Does the heat-sink get very hot as well when you run it like that?

Actually, not really. It gets hot to the touch, but it certainly doesn’t feel like “it’s cooling a 120 C chip” hot. I can keep my finger on it for quite a while before it gets painful.

[maybe] the RAM chips are over-heating

The RAM is on top of the chip, so I assume it’s cooled by the heatsink too.

Anyone else been burned by getting the /dev/sdX letter wrong?

I’m getting into single board computers, and I’ve overwritten my external hard drive twice now trying to flash OS images to SD cards from my Linux PC using dd (good thing my important data is backed up). To be fair, it’s totally my fault, but I’m curious if anyone else has done this…

Armbian SBC locks up after a while under heavy all-core CPU load

I have an Odroid HC2 with an Exynos 5422 8-core processor running Armbian Buster. When I perform a computational task that loads all the cores to close to 100% (in my case, pigz, which is a multithreaded gzip), the entire system locks up after a fairly short time, to the point where it won’t even re…

Btrfs performing poorly on random operations on Fedora 32?

I suspected that btrfs partitions are kind of sluggish compared to ext4 when performing many small operations, so I benchmarked three separate partitions on the same hard drive, one ext4, one btrfs, and I threw in NTFS for good measure. This was done on a hard drive which was formatted between tests…

What are some good USB Wi-Fi adapters are natively supported by the Linux kernel?

I have single board computers running Armbian, and so far I’ve just been communicating with them over UART, but obviously I need network connectivity for them. Are there any USB Wi-Fi adapters that are natively supported by the Linux kernel without needing to download something first? I really pre…

Smart TV suddenly stopped looking up tracking domains. Is this bad?

I have a Samsung smart TV that is configured to use my Pihole instance as its DNS. When it was first set up, it looked up a blocked Samsung domain every few seconds whenever it was on (this is with ACR tracking “disabled” in the settings). Now it doesn’t anymore, but I still get activity from its IP…

What are some good themes for making Qt and GTK apps look consistent with each other?

I use KDE Plasma, which is great, but it always bothers me on the default themes, most third party apps have a different design language compared to the desktop and system apps due to them being GTK and Plasma being Qt. Are there any good themes that can be installed for both Qt and GTK and make the…

Gyrophone: Recognizing Speech From Gyroscope Signals

Remember that the majority of operating systems don’t even allow you to disable access to the gyroscope…

I got downvoted on /r/linuxm*sterrace for saying that a prank like this was super unprofessional and unfunny. …

So my ISP's router doesn't support changing the DNS server

Presumably so you’ll be forced to use their DNS, which lets them know what sites you go to. So thanks for that Shaw. …

Why is my Linux machine requesting the DNS records of .arpa domains every few seconds?

Looking at the logs of my local DNS server, my Linux computer has been looking up every few seconds. It also looks up ipv4only.arpa, but less frequently. As far as I know, arpa domains are apart of the DNS system itself? Is this normal?..

What are your thoughts on Homebrew for Linux?

Do you use it? Do you like it? Dislike it? How do you think it compares to the native package manager, or other cross-distro package managers like Snap or Flatpak?..