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seconding liking manual. it’s way better than automatically marking as read, imo. because then you can come back to it later.

comment is replied to it should automatically be marked as read

this already happens on my end so maybe it’s a bug. you should check to see if there is a ticket open

reasonable people are willing to learn. you are not expected to be up to date on every single new term that appears. asking what something means, as you did above, is perfectly fine.

by “online spaces” i was referring to forums, message boards, subreddits

type of language was slurs. reclaimed slurs specifically - slurs no one uses for themselves were banned outright.

Never “I am an internet troll and I am leaving lemmy because of these words are banned”

someone literally made a fork of lemmy without the filter so this has absolutely happened.

“I am hurt by people using those words and want them banned”

i am confident this would occur if the filter did not exist.

I don’t think it’s the most effective way to change people’s behaviour or anything.

it’s not the most effective way to change bigots. it is, however, an effective way of changing people with predjudices of which they are unaware. for example, if someone used a certain slur as normal speech and was forced to replace it in practice (while writing) they are being forced to think about alternatives and if confronted multiple times may eliminate the slur from their vocabulary entirely.

for those who would refuse to just find alternate vocabulary… well, let’s just say this site is better for everyone when those people go elsewhere.

never in the form of somebody saying

this is not true. i’ve moderated online spaces and plenty of people send messages asking for certain language to be disallowed. and even if it were the case that no one spoke up, a lot of times people just straight up leave online spaces when they are uncomfortable. im sure i could find hundreds of instances on reddit alone

this is not the hill to die on. it is not that hard to use other words. and even if there were zero other reasons, keeping fascists away is enough.

as a marginalised person you should know that a slur you reclaim may be extremely offensive to someone else in the same grouping. take your example: a lot of people have reclaimed it but there are others still who have been hurt by that slur and are very sensitive to hearing it. this is true for many slurs.

if someone you were close to irl was like “hey, that word makes me uncomfortable” you would stop using it around them. because it would be disrespectful and hurtful for you to continue to do so. sure, people on the internet are strangers, but does that mean you potentially subject marginalized people to harm just because you don’t know them?

Sourcehut now has Sourcehut pages

sourcehut now has a tool where you can publish your own static site! every user receives domain and you can bring your own domain …

free TLD

whoa whoa whoa. is that why .ml was used? i always assumed it was because of the immortal science

It’s an app that implements changes based to what its community wants, it’s an app that can care about your opinion and your choices.

i take exception to this comment. signal is an app that changes based on what moxie (and signal foundation) wants, not necessarily what the community does

good piece with a lot of important things to think about. thank you for sharing.

i think RedReader which is a reddit client available on GooglePlay and on F-Droid handles this issue in a really great way. You can add multiple accounts to the app and switching between them is fast and easy–no logging out and in involved. You can also browse anonymously.

The reason I think it handles this issue so well, however, is that when you make a new post or comment, you can choose right then and there which account you want it to come from. so if you are logged into your meme account but see a post in r/science, you can easily comment from your professional account. Also, unlike any other reddit app i have encountered, you have the option to force all traffic through Tor (via Orbot); if your Tor connection is interrupted, the app does not default to the clearnet.

tired of hearing about american politics

this part is understandable. however, the rest of what you said is incorrect.

everything is political, i wasnt being sarcastic. politics cannot be removed from discussion of this article because they are intrinsically linked.

If you were worried about sending your kids back to school after the pandemic ends

why are people concerned about sending their kids back to school? are they concerned about their health because of the way the government handled the pandemic? are they concerned about how their child will be educated? are they concerned about if they child has fallen behind? all of this has to do with politics. education decisions are largely made by governments, and in the US, the government is legally responsible for ensuring children have access to education

some US school districts are buying tools designed to break into phones to download texts and photos… even ones that have been deleted.

why would schools be doing this? just because? do we all live in a vacuum where nothing relates to anything else so they are just doing this completely randomly, void of any influencing factors?

Commenting on the devices, Cooper Quintin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation says that they “started out in the provenance of the U.S. military or federal law enforcement, and then made their way into state and local law enforcement, and also eventually make their way into the hands of criminals or petty tyrants like school administrators.”

the US military, federal law enforcement, local law enforcement… hmmm… sounds… political

Unlike in law enforcement, though, school districts don’t have to get a warrant to use the devices on students’ phones.

hmm… school districts don’t have to get a warrant. this sounds like it could be ~political~. let’s find out:

The Supreme Court ruled that school officials only need to reasonably believe that a student is guilty of something and that searching the phone will probably obtain evidence of it.

oh, would you look at that. it is!

dess’ comment wasn’t a response to the long comment but response to my first comment, where i had originally said this:

dess you recommend protonvpn but like… protonmail takes money from CIA-backed orgs & talks about “freeing” hong kong…

and then realized i had mixed something up so i commented this:

i’m sorry – i mixed up two facts. it is protonmail who monetarily (and publicly) supports CIA-backed orgs, not the other way around (afaik).

and edited my first comment accordingly.

dess had responded prior to my edit, but i suspect knowing political leanings, proton would not be recommended regardless. i’m happy to be corrected.

i don’t disagree. i only mentioned the CIA connection because if you look it up, you will find claims. hell, you can find a bunch of claims in this very thread. it is unsurprising, as any US involvement in a privacy project makes people skeptical.

facts (that can be verified on protonmail’s own website):

  • proton received the funds i listed (crowdfunding, EU grants, CRV, FONGIT, possibly additional grants)
  • they had teams both in the US + switzerland
  • they receive counsel from MIT
  • they have openly promoted orgs who have concrete connections to the CIA

that last point is why some think they are compromised. especially because they are always on the side of the CIA. even though they claim they fight for “freedom of speech everywhere” somehow that has not included censorship which is not advantageous to the US gov’t

i will never pay for protonmail’s services because i refuse to give money to an organisation that supports CIA-backed causes. as someone who cares deeply about others, proton’s support to me is what google pulling adblock is to you.

that is correct.

my biggest takeaway from the search was the venture capital funding. not because i think it means 3 letter agencies are involved (which i don’t, to be clear) but because i think it compromises being committed to the best interest of their users. also on a personal level i hate that they crowdfunded with the promise they were going to remain independent and then broke that promise. it feels really slimey. how can one trust their word that they won’t break more promises in the interest of $$$?

i understood but i now see i wasn’t clear enough in my original comment. sometimes i omit things for sake of clarity but it seems i omitted too much in this case. it was not my intention to imply that all incoming emails, regardless of encryption status, would be unencrypted.

edited: the first part of my comment was irrelevant to the true matter at hand so it has been removed

Proton’s support of the what the riots turned into isn’t tainted by what sparked the controversy in my opinion.

and in my opinion, this actually makes it worse. because then it becomes them promoting a blatant misrepresentation of hong kong in support of a color revolution. this means those deciding to fundraise are openly supporting the interests of the US government. which makes them less trustworthy, not more.

the argument could be made that they saw how many westerners ate up the propaganda around the situation and wanted to capitalize on it. i think that is a fair argument. but them being money-hungry makes them less trustworthy, not more.

Hong Kong riots

support for the riots is not “support of anti-censorship”. it had nothing to do with censorship. a brief summary of how things began:

  1. a man murdered his pregnant girlfriend while on holiday in taiwan
  2. taiwan wanted the man extradited to face charges but hong kong did not have an extradition treaty with taiwan
  3. an extradition bill is introduced in hong kong listing 46 crimes for which extradition may be requested by taiwan, macau, and the PRC. nine crimes listed were financial (these were later removed)
  4. angry rich kids realized they would not be able to commit the same financial crimes their parents did

it was never about being censored. it was about wanting to continue to exploit others without consequence.

protonmail didn’t just “come out and support” the color revolution by merely making a statement. i’m not making the assertion that their support means that they are a honey pot. i am asserting, however, that their support means that, unlike their claims, they are decidedly not “pro-freedom” (unless, of course, their definition of “freedom” is getting away with murder).

you write as if you’re correcting me (first comment began with “no”, second citing what i already stated) but i said nothing in contradiction - already encrypted emails won’t be unencrypted. i did not state otherwise.

i was referring to the recent order (late last year) from a german court ruling tutanota had to “spy” on one user. tutanota cannot access the emails in that user’s mailbox because they are already encrypted but they had to comply with the court order so their solution was to write a function that prevents that specific user’s new emails from being encrypted.

Manual pages indexing service

We are happy to announce our newest public service: A manual pages indexing site at that publishes the man pages of all our packages and allows you to search and browse them…