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Well it might sound petty, but good 3D effects and smoothness is what makes Iphone devices so popular. I think having fluid GTK apps is important. Mi point is not “we must have gaming GPU’s on GNU/Linux phones”, my point is “we need AMD on the mobile market since they provide really decent drivers”.

I use Android as everyone does and some of my family members use Iphones, i pretty much can say that that mobile GNU/Linux will pobably have more severe bugs and a worse UI desing at the beggining, because all the first versions of all products have rough corners. I wouldn’t use mobile GNU/Linux for the current quality, but for privacy and freedom reasons.

Well GTK4 pretty much does what QT does and with Libadwaita you can make your traditional desktop app a mobile ready one, so honestly i would go on that direction. But QT seems to be another good option. Now making brand new mobile apps would take more time than adapting already existent ones.

And so far it has worked very well, but i think at a certain point we will need something more usable in terms of performance while providing FLOSS drivers as i assume the Pinephone does, in that regard it’s weird to see Samsung’s new project to be the perfect fit.

I wonder how a Pinephone 2 would look like tho.

I understand your point, but smartphones are and have the capacity to be more than just a phone, reducing their spectrum of capabilities IMO does not solve anything. I also don’t want an RX6700 on a phone device, it would be too expensive, what i am arguing is that if possible, a linux friendly and powerful ARM device would help more than what we have now.

I will be honest with you, it’s not the same to say “this sucks” because the quality sucks than saying “this sucks” because there are political reasons behind it.

Apple and Android devices have much higher quality compared to what a Pinephone can offer. I am not even talking about the software, the pinephone is a seriously underpowered device. I personally think that regardless of how much the software can improve, we need something more powerful, hence my post.

Well ARM is not the point, but phone devices, and i don’t think it’s especially targeting Chromebooks, i think Samsung wants to enhance their ARM chips to make competitive smartphones, both Snapdragon and Apple devices have better GPU’s than the Exynos chips.

So i have not bought a GNU/Linux phone for several reasons, one of which is that neither the ecosystem nor the devices themselves seem to be mature enough to have a stable experience. …


Well not having the source code updated for almost a year is kind of a big deal, i don’t know if the hated one lied, but the idea is not inherently wrong.

I think he has an opinion, not an agenda as @ree has comented, but he probably should check his data before affirming something.

The thechlore situation sounds like a harrasment situation that was poorly handled by the techlore people, but that doesn’t mean they are trying to ruin graphene OS devs image just for the sake of it. It looks like one of the devs is quite a toxic person.

I truly wonder who are the ones that use the downvote option in such a way, i’ve noticed this situaton too.

i respect your disagreement, having that said, my middle ground would be to have the feature as an optional one by default, so people who wants to have that kind of interaction would be able to.

I think PM should be considered as a neutral feature that doesn’t harm communities on itself.

Sometimes the behabiour of the communities is the problem rather than the tools.

This entire situatioun could perfectly be known as the students fiasco. Glad that it didn’t escalate more.

I’ve been reading the messages and it’s totally embarrassing, i can’t believe someone is messing with a kernel installed on thousands of millions of devices just to create an academic paper.

TWICE, they were trying to do it AGAIN.

An entire institution banned thanks to these guys.

Sounds kinda excessive and at the same time adequate.

With no GCC rust implementation and without a standard, LLVM is going to be present in Linux for unnecessary reasons.

Well the fediverse is not the same as the technology behind or the standar.

Would the ActivityPub standar be helpfull in that particular, unexplored camp? I think so, but it takes creativity to create an idea and then land it.

Now, this problem of exploitation has more to do with universities, companies and government institutions, and i doubt this technology could change that.