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A “hide” button to make submissions disappear from my frontpage even if the discussion goes on.

SlateStarCodex, Zettelkasten, Bogleheads, projectmanagement, ChrisRamsay52, rational

They are mostly about self-posts and discussions, so I cannot simply resubmit the stuff here.

It doesn’t make the problem clear. Nothing bad happened to John and Emma.

This is what i remember as well. Free SMS and then free calls was the pitch.

New community: SpartanWeb

I created a subreddit to collect “spartan” websites. Now I want to continue with Lemmy instead…

“Booting from USB a full Ubuntu desktop (rpi). Network works via a USB c dongle. Update includes support for USB, I2C, DART. We will push changes to our GitHub and a tutorial later today. Thanks to the CorelliumHQ team” …

While I like the fediverse, I don’t buy most of these reasons.

  1. “It’s decentralized.” This is no reason in itself. That description rather says “It’s resilient.” Well, the big social websites have a pretty good uptime as well, so not a good reason.

  2. “It can’t be censored.” The description uses a warped definition of censorship. Originally, it is only about censoring by the government. Banning Trump is actually the reverse and no censoring. The argument is correct that in the fediverse you can switch to another equal instance. Switching from Twitter to Instagram is not equal.

  3. “Free as in freedom”. The description is actually more about public auditing than freedom. This is not a good argument because an admin in the fediverse can patch his instance without anybody noticing. The federation still lowers the impact though.

  4. “It respects your privacy”. Same issue. An admin can patch their instance and no public audit defends against that. The federation still lowers the impact."

  5. “It’s all about the community” Maybe. Maybe the crazy people have just not yet discovered the fediverse in significant numbers. An eternal september could occur. Federation might help. It might not.

  6. “There’s an instance for everyone” Well, there is also a subreddit for everyone and a twitter hashtag and …

Conclusion: 1, 2 and 6 are no reason to me. 3 and 4 are reasons but not strong ones. For 5 there is not enough data yet.