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I really like Olvid project. According to their FAQ, they’re planning to become Open-Source before the end of the year.

Is everyone having this prob with ublock origin ? I use ublock and everything’s fine. Maybe it’s with a certain option in ublock :thinking face:

I kinda have some OCD, so I used to delete every mails so I don’t have that kind of mails right now :/
I didn’t thought about using my pswd manager though! (even if I surely didn’t use it for all of the websites I think it’s gonna help me a lot) Thx!

How can I find all the website accounts that are associated with my email address?

I recently wanted to delete one of my account on a website. And it turned out that it was associated to my gmail account (which I don’t use anymore). Is there a way to find all the website accounts that are associated with this mail address? (So I can delete my google account after that). …

“Oh so you use facebookOs?” :upside-down face:

I like the fact that it’s niche right now, but if it evolves in something bigger I think it can be good as long as it stay with the same philosophy. Of course there are pros and cons for both ideas because not everything is black or white, there are shades of gray and that is also the beauty of everything.

I get it, but when I’m looking for a privacy friendly app messenger I just want to be able to send messages directly E2EE. I’m not looking for any fancy features. Even if Signal isn’t the perfect solution, I think it’s the best alternative for people coming from Whatsapp.

I also notified all of my friends/family that I was going to stop using whatsapp. Just 2 or 3 people made the switch, others tend to prefer contact me by SMS. It was before the great “fall” of whatsapp this year so the impact might have been different if I had done it now though.

Yeah it’s clearly not the best solution if you are looking for something privacy friendly. It’s a bit better than Whatsapp though.

I’m not seeing your banner too. I’m using Firefox.
I just checked and it seems to work fine with other profiles.
Can you post the banner in the comments ?

Even during the day, I guess it’s just a bit less effective.

Lineage is avalaible for redmi note 5 pro so maybe it’s the same for the redmi note 5. I personally run /e/OS on my redmi note 4 (I don’t specially recommend it neither unrecommend it though)

I hate those linuwux as much as I love them

I don’t really like the relation between Qwant and Microsoft. (I personally use SearX)

It may be happening right now, but you can’t think like that and pretend to want everyone’s privacy. Not everyone is as technologically savvy as you are, moving from their own actual use of the Internet to what we (technologically savvy people/privacy advocates) would prefer (in a perfect world) is almost impossible. You can’t blame people for not being educated in this field. We need to help them understand why it’s not as crazy as it sounds (because it sometimes sounds crazy) bit by bit.

That’s interesting, thx for the sharing. (The link is working for me btw)

I saw that nheko has an experimental E2EE so I don’t know if it’s worth right now. But yeah I really hate electron apps.