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Lemmy is the only good Reddit alternative. It’s the only one that isn’t just a safe harbor for right-wing nonsense.

Downvoting itself is fine. But yes there seem to be some saltpiles hanging around and downvoting everything.

…which Lagrange theme is this?

My suggestion for an alternate top text: “Join the Party”

Yes of course but the corporate platform to which it is most comparable is Reddit

This seems to be the unpopular opinion, but I actually think it’s important that we frame it as ditching corporate spaces, and I think this will get the most users on board with everything (not even just Lemmy, the whole Fediverse as well.)

“How easy is it to purposefully introduce malicious code to open-source projects?”

Not as easy as you thought, lmao

VPNs can be free, fast or private. Pick two.

this is a nitpick but I really do wish we’d stop using the word “modern” to describe the post-modern era.

I don’t do alts. I can tell you have a few, though. You will truly convince us of your superiority by throwing shit fits online. Behold the master race.

the problem is that employment is not at-will nor is it a voluntary relationship. The fact that employers (who hold MASSIVE amount of power over you) are demanding this is dystopian.

It does not have to connect to anything else to be part of the fediverse. It is federated and FOSS. That is enough.

the amount of people who think fediverse = activitypub is ridiculous

  1. I recommend Xfce. There are naysayers who disapprove of the lack of transparent glass windows, but you can make Xfce look perfectly fine, with the same Gtk themes GNOME uses. Xfce is very modular and highly customizable.

Yes, I’m constantly paranoid about the United States of Spain charging me pesetas :/

Apparently he’s Brazilian but he also could have been Portuguese.

Seen today on the alien site. Figured I’d share it here too…