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My clever trick actually neuters Google Play Services almost completely, while retaining SafetyNet validation. I use AppOpsX to neuter all of its permission data inputs internally, bypassing the GUI based app permissions system. That includes other special packages like Play Store and Carrier Services.

Not defending Google of course, but it is a clever trick to retain your privacy and still enjoy SafetyNet apps like bank apps or any games, for those who need them.

Free market lives up to its name, hence you are wrong. It frees people of deserved autonomy and empowerment

  • a random libertarian nut

Disable Play Protect scareware and disable Play Store, use Aurora Store.

If you ain’t used my smartphone guide you ain’t lived a private life, son.

Welcome. Now you are a Lemmur, and this is a small happy jungle.

Often it is this vocal minority that brings these platforms as sources in drawing room conversations. Instagram is one week old Reddit, mainstream subreddits are propaganda with recycled news, media outlets cite Reddit occasionally… one well oiled loop machine.

Lemmy if grew on that scale, will bring with itself the toxic userbase that exists on Reddit, and work required to prevent that. If it does not grow, it will stay niche. If it acts like a more quality discussion place than a news aggregator, it can work out like Hacker News. Hacker News exclusively caters to technology categories, nothing more.

You would be surprised how much it caught up in the non US/West EU techie circles, in the last 3-4 years. I was surprised to see a lot of my Instagram friends in India engaging and paying attention to it, even if they did not make a huge chunk of audience percentage.

Hey no need to feel bad, I am not discouraging you from doing awesome work. But I really am trying to help Lemmy get big, and I am trying to assist the admins and fellow users with my experience.

I am sick and tired of the racism, bigotry and bias that exists on corporate platforms with no regard for privacy and/or anonymity.

I will sound a bit different, but this reddit narrative should only be temporary. In the end it is about growth, showing people the way and being a bit more reasonable than Lemmy being just a reddit alternative, when we have many of them. Lemmy is really special compared to others, and most Lemmurs know why.

Something has to be done before Lemmy grows bigger, admins.

A suggestion, I would suggest limiting image uploads to 5 MB. Even the utmost largest images can be easily compressed to under that, and be readable and without much artifacts.

Spreading awareness. This is what we must do, and keep discovering problems.

Education and awareness certainly is a foundation for educated masses. Good that the real goal is still known and pinpoint-able.

And that in itself is a problem. People do want features, even if it is non essential to you or me. Our perceptions are irrelevant.

I use XMPP daily heavily, and find it great, but I happen to also be technologically advanced, so can navigate my way through any issues.

What you are thinking of as a minimalist approach sounds good on paper, but does not look appealing to the generic end users. Unfortunate.

There seem to be some elements that just seem uncontrollable as far as adoption goes. WhatsApp is a non standardised XMPP, and initially before the Facebook buyout, it was independent and had a colossal userbase.

Matrix and XMPP fans are often at crossroads with each other. Then there is Telegram and Discord, both similar and very different than other types of platforms. Then you have stuff like Twitter and Instagram.

While ethic and merit should come first, there are some exceptions in terms of adoption that truly make you think what goes into success. Polished clients? E2EE? Country of origin? Server reliability? Features? Marketing? The answer is definitely NOT all of the above.

XMPP is extremely light, solid, stable, federated, easily can be tunneled, but lacks polished clients and marketing. Conversations, Psi, Gajim and Dino are the only decent clients, and out of them Conversations (and its forks) are the only ones that will convince an ordinary user to use it reliably. Then you have to pick a server for account creation, for which there is no central list and none of which is standardised as regards with MAM.

I am afraid that would be hard from a realistic POV, because Telegram operates very discreetly, does not give in to subpoenas or data requests (outside of Russian intelligence for counter terrorism) and has housed all kinds of people of all controversies, from Hong Kong rioters, to neo nazis, to race supremacists, to pornography, to content piracy, to bestiality movie distribution and so on.

Telegram is one of the most “free speech” kind of platforms that continues to NOT become a Gab or Parler, due to its moderation controls and privacy/anonymity scope for groups and individuals.

This is not to promote the messenger, but it is truly a unique platform in this day and age, that continues to be as acceptable as Twitter or YouTube in mainstream, and widely adopted in underground circles.

There is a common problem with federation, which even Matrix has observed, that is a central server being more reliable even if it presents the problem of single point of failure. I am no Moxie, or against federation at all, but it is what it is.

What thoughts would you have about this and the app in general?

Good they are going away from Google and the Western global surveillance hegemony.

The thing is, you can degoogle/detelemetry any Android device with my known smartphone guide, without root, and any Android 9+ device fully. (Android 7/8 can be hard to do and should not be used as daily driver anyway now.)

Can you do that with Apple device? No.

Do you know how much data Apple spies on? That recent 20x report was twisted by the Apple fanboy/paid outlets to badmouth Android, when if you read the report, it was Apple that spied much more identifiers.


https://teddit.net/r/privatelife/comments/mh9gt3/ Read the top stickied comment, I sourced it from another person who debunked the Apple fanboy twist

Apple is an anti privacy company, but these nutrition label things are nice for marketing. Worth a look…