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Tor has decentralized nodes, signal is a single central server with no verification of what’s running on it ( that also uses phone numbers, which are tied to you identity, as its primary identifier). Also as a US company it’d be illegal for them to disclose if their server has been compromised.

Hell yeah, discord killer is close to being here! Now if only they would host their own f-droid repo

One difference is that matrix is self hostable, while signal isn’t. And signal only updates their server source code when they received a massive backlash for not updating it in over a year. https://community.signalusers.org/t/where-is-new-signal-server-code-why-not-share-signal/15068/9

The foss community hates them for good reason.

Its definitely not irrelevant that signal was funded and may still be funded by the US government. That no one seems to dispute that, and think that there’s no conflict of interest between the worlds biggest abuser of digital privacy funding the supposedly secure apps they use every day, is boggling to me.

Thanks, good to have you here!

We also recently added a user setting to hide scores entirely, which is probably better for mental well being overall.

It actually does still come through the API, but we choose not to display it.

Nice. Writefreely is my fav of these fedi blogs.

Ya that’d be helpful.

Pretty terrifying stuff. When one piece of information isn’t enough, they just combine a few to create a fingerprint. I’d never thought they could do that with just an accelerometer.

Thats not possible as it would break federation. Is there a reason you can’t use display name?

This is right. There’s some reporting built into the back end, but we haven’t added a UI for it yet.

Just checked, An uncompressed SQL backup of the text is at ~550 MB. But yes text is not going to be a problem for many years, just pictures.

Could you provide an instance description as well as a code of conduct on your sidebar? thx.

We don’t have open federation, you have to tell us about your instance so we can add it to our allowlist.

K should be good now, sry about that.

Lemmy Development Update 2021-04-09

dessalines: …

I linked the github issue describing this, but essentially the link field, which is the main one used by RSS readers, can either go to …

Lemmy Development Update 2021-02-19

@nutomic: …

A patch release today with the following changes: …

Lemmy Development Update 2021-02-05

We documented most of the work we did in this recent v0.9.4 Release, so that’s also copied here: …

Lemmy v0.9.4 Release (2021-02-02)