I’m developing a tui for lemmy :). …


so long suckers

c ya…


We used to talk using NNTP and mailing list, but they are closed a few years ago. So we migrated to Lemmy. Our members are aging. Our eyesight is not good anymore. A lot of us are struggle with the captcha using by Lemmy…

Following Users

On snoosite users are also communities where the user can exclusively post. I think this is pretty awesome feature and would seemingly make mastodon federation make more sense.

1 now uses open federation.

You no longer have to ask us to add you manually, you can subscribe and interact without the approval process. …

Please don’t put any hate comments against the developers of lemmy or against the person who posted this. …

[privacy concerns] About the archiving suggestion

Hi all, I sent a message on masto about some concerns I have about the suggested use of on lemmy but since I didn’t get any feedback, I’m copying it here: …

Lemmy Performance / Scalability

In the sign up process, it discourages using the primary srever. In the docs it talks about performance limitations. In contast Mastadon does not do this. Worse yet, most people think of a single centralized server. And this server only has some 500+ active users a month. Maybe 10 times that m…


A “Lemmy federation map”, showing linked, allowed and blocked instances. …

Moving communities to another instance

After reading in the Promoting Lemmy Thread I had some random thoughts I shared in that thread. This thought might get its own thread. …

Lemmy's resource usage

Hey there! …


We managed to finalize some long awaited updates and migration, and kick of the federation! As per community decision we have one instance on blocklist, but looking forward to the glory of full queer space federation!..


What does it take to be in the "Trending Communities" in the sidebar?

Is it recently active? Percentage growth? Can consistently active communities be in the “Trending” section for a long time? …

Promoting Lemmy

I think most of us agree that the main problem which Lemmy has today is its lack of users. This is not for technical reasons, as we know it is quite stable and usable. The main cause is that the project is not widely known yet. In this post I will propose what we can do to change that. …

If Lemmy has Matrix IDs as an way to send messages, why not also add XMPP IDs also?..


How does federation work here and what is the point?

I can’t see how users can interact across servers? …

Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.

For discussion about the instance, go to !

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